The Rules

Update for 2006: I am temporarily linking to the rules here, but later on I will move them over to the new blog, with some editing.

1. Commenting is registration-only. This is an anti-spam, anti-butthead measure. I reserve the right to delete anyone’s registration at any time for any reason whatsoever. Also, first-time comments are moderated. Update: comments with more than five links are also moderated — I forgot to add that. That means the comments may go into a holding cell of sorts and are also emailed to me before they appear on the page. If your comment does not appear right away do not try to post it again. I am not, believe it or not, always at the computer. I do sleep on occasion, after I have ingested the proper amount of crushed Third World infants.
2. Comments will not be posted/will be deleted if I find them rude, off-topic, irrelevant, or stupid. Then again, I may allow these comments. It all depends upon my whim. This website is my oblast and I am its Ruling Soviet.
3. You must use a real email address when you register. Your password will be mailed to you. If you use a fake email you won’t get your password.
4. You may modify your email address in your profile with some obvious antispam device like putting “NOSPAM” somewhere in it. There really is no need to do so, since emails will not appear on the public site. Also I do not send spam to people. But if it makes you feel better use the NOSPAM thing or its equivalent.
5. Comment threads will not be allowed to descend into abuse or off-topic comment-thread hijacking. In other words, trolls-be-gone. Some people say that moderating the comment threads in this manner stifles the “free flow of ideas” or some such nonsense but as I am not really interested in the “free flow” of ideas, especially those that more closely resemble sewage, that is not really something that concerns me.
6. Occasionally I will edit comments, sometimes for small spelling mistakes that I think might embarrass you, sometimes for elements that irritate me or that I simply don’t want on my site.