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Public Notice Board

This website is closed. I am still the same person, but I no longer feel like I did when I first came up with the name “Spleenville” for my site back in 2002. I have changed. Also I realized it was time to shut down when blogging began to feel more and more like a chore, or like continuing to wear an outfit that was too sizes too small, or something like that. I did not get into this out of some sense of grim duty, and I owe it to no one to continue to mine a dry vein, so I’m shutting this place down.

I’ve been sporadically blogging here and there but haven’t really found much of a bloghome anywhere yet so that sort of thing is up in the air. Mostly these days you can find me on Twitter. Warning: when I said I have changed I meant it. You Have Been Warned.


Andrea Harris, Staunton, Virginia, December 25th 2012.