You drove me to this

Update: bwahahaahaa!

Where's Roy?

Update: OMG this is the BEST WEBSITE EVAR!!! (Via some bloke in Bolivia or someplace. Oh how the hell should I know? He’s a foreigner, anyway. Or she. It’s the internet; it could be someone’s dog or cat for all I know. Or a stoat. Or a monkey with a fishtail sewn onto the lower half of its body in place of its legs, which maltreatment has left it with a bitter and rather deranged outlook on life.)

6 Responses to “You drove me to this”

  1. Susan B. Says:

    Oh, great. Now I’m probably going to have nightmares tonight…


  2. skubie Says:

    You know what would make this really, totally suck big ass? Do that “Sometimes When We Touch” mp3 loop along with the picture.

    That’d make me rinse my eyes with bleach and drive icepicks into my ears.

  3. jaed Says:

    What the HELL?

  4. Andrew Ian Dodge Says:

    Does anyone know anyone who actually thinks Carrot-top is funny? I have never met such a person.

  5. Sigivald Says:

    I think Carrot-Top is funny. Lookin’.

  6. skubie Says:

    I expect that were we to travel down the trousers of time we might find an alternate universe where Carrot Top is actually funny.

    It would require a special field of physics to describe, though.