December 15, 2003

Good morning, not-Vietnam

I feel like my weekend was too short. Note to self: next time you decide to go to the mall via the slooowww buses they have here, start earlier. There is something inexpressibly dreary about taking the last bus home in the dark. (Yes, I have done my budget, and unless I get an unexpected Paypal windfall from a rich fan, I won't be getting another car this month.)

Anyway, concerned reader Darth Monkeybone, who really needs to get his own blog so he can "fisk" things himself, hinty hinty -- look Ma! free blogs! -- sent a couple of items this way, begging me to tear apart Michael Moore's newest ungrateful whinge, as well as Ted Rall's latest poop-smears, but doing so would necessitate my actually looking upon and reading their works, and since 'tis the season to be jolly I think I'll pass, thank you. Instead I'd like to point you all to Peeve Farm, and this hilarious entry about an excursion into San Fran with a snotty French college student whose every utterance, meant to make him Stand Out From the American Sheeple, is a well-burnished Eurolefty cliché. Brian Tiemann is kind of a left-coast Lileks, right down the the Mac-ophilia, and since Lileks is doing the "I'm-on-holiday" thing I think I'll be reading Peeve Farm more often.

PS: oh wait! I should have known James would not be able to keep still after yesterday's news -- there's a whole entry with lots o' words (& the best Saddam Photoshop ever) on today's Bleat. I'm gonna save it -- he's not doing archives this month.

Posted by Andrea Harris at December 15, 2003 06:22 AM


Posted by: Darth Monkeybone at December 15, 2003 at 05:05 PM