December 07, 2003

That Cute Furry Woodland Creature Has Fangs

Forget my previous entry.* John Cole is furious at Dennis Kucinich, and after viewing the ad in question, so am I. Did you know that Bush is sending soldiers to die just so he and his oilbuddies can make lots of money? This claim has been making the rounds of sites like (or whatever the hell it is called, that forum full of conspiracy nuts that I refuse to link directly to), but I didn't think that anyone actually in government would dare give that idea credence. I underestimated what some Democratic Party candidates will do to scrape up a vote or two. The senator Ohio state representative seems to have decided to go for that crucial Screaming Moonbat vote, which seems to be confined to the arty districts of a few major cities on the west coast.

Kucinich, whose web page builds him up to be the political equivalent of Barney the Purple Dinosaur, shows us the fist inside the velveteen glove. I'm disgusted but not surprised; I always knew that hippy freako peace addicts who spout infantile spew like this were rotten at the core. The only comforting thing I can think of is that he will have lost any chance of getting anywhere near the presidency with this little stunt; I hope he enjoys his teensy percentage. Sometimes I think the idea that absolute power corrupts absolutely is not quite right; rather it seems to be the desire for power that corrupts -- and also often makes one stupid.

PS: oh, let's leave comments open and see what happens. I'm bored tonight.

*Actually, don't forget my previous entry. Lots of good stuff there too! You are growing sleeepy... you will read my entire blog one entry at a time...

Posted by Andrea Harris at December 7, 2003 06:28 PM

Expect to hear a lot of those ads when Dean wins the nomination. He's already said that Bush was tipped off by the Saudis about 9/11 and covered it up...

Posted by: Jeremy at December 7, 2003 at 06:58 PM

A minor quibble, Kucinich is a Rep not a Senator (yes I do have too much time on my hands and sorry for seeming anal;)

Posted by: Inscrutable American at December 7, 2003 at 06:59 PM

Thanks, Inscrutable -- it's fixed now, with added detail (mainly because for some reason "representative" by itself doesn't look right, as opposed to "senator").

Posted by: Andrea Harris at December 7, 2003 at 08:33 PM

I think this is the most despicable political ad I have ever seen. I wonder what the families of the troops killed in Iraq would think of this?

Posted by: yak at December 8, 2003 at 12:27 AM

Kucinich may be Barney on the outside, but he's demondim-spawn on the inside.

And the picture of Dean on the front page of the Sentinel is pure sheol Raver.

Posted by: Slartibartfast at December 8, 2003 at 07:21 AM

Wonder if he is going to try the ole "wind up Blacks in the South" trick the Dems tried last time round. I get the feeling this next G.E. is going to get rather ugly and nasty.

Posted by: Andrew Ian Dodge at December 8, 2003 at 11:17 AM

As I've often rephrased the old saw, "Power attracts the corruptible."

Those who will do anything for power are more likely to try to get it, though not necessarily, in a democratic system, more likely to achieve it.

Posted by: Sigivald at December 8, 2003 at 05:06 PM

wow, what a scum bag kuc is

Posted by: Mr. Bingley at December 12, 2003 at 03:21 PM