October 17, 2003

Hostmatters matters

Yeah, I couldn't get to my own blogs because of this either. My email and ftp service was also unreachable; it was as if the entire server had vanished. I was pissed, but I figured either it was some sort of DOS attack (as dipnut says) or a power outage of some sort. There was nothing to do about it but go to sleep, so I did.

Update: apparently it was a DOS attack, on a pro-Israel weblog hosted on this service. Well well well.

Update to update: more on this.

Posted by Andrea Harris at October 17, 2003 05:42 AM

i got a tad lost there
so was it anti-semitic
or just irony
sometimes this intellectual
gets lost in my blonde
jewish head
i need to nosh on some kishka
for energy
and then go re read

Posted by: rossi at October 17, 2003 at 05:31 PM