June 24, 2003

Hate mail updated

As promised, "Mork's" third letter. We've become such pals, him and me. It's so nice to find a special friend. Isn't the internet wonderful?

And later, when I get around to it, I may add earlier correspondence from some other "special friends" who have communicated their love for me to the hate mail page. Because on the internet, no one can hear you scream, but everyone can laugh at you.

Posted by Andrea Harris at June 24, 2003 02:38 AM

Thanks for posting that, Andrea. I was starting to feel upset that I'd worked so hard on it and it wasn't going to be shared with the world.

But I'm beginning to think that we've bled this vein dry, so I'm sorry to say that I shall not be providing you with any further free material for your site.

You're on your own, now, kid. Good luck to you!

Posted by: Mork at June 24, 2003 at 02:55 AM

I shall try to carry on alone as best as I may. We'll always have Paris...

Posted by: Andrea Harris at June 24, 2003 at 03:06 AM

Tsk, is ol' Mork pulling the plug? Watching him flail was getting progessively more amusing.

Posted by: Gary Utter at June 24, 2003 at 03:07 AM

Huh, I've been having a conversation with Mork on Tim's site, and I didn't realize it was the same dude. He seemed reasonable.

Posted by: Matt Moore at June 24, 2003 at 03:13 AM

Yeah, Matt, you seemed reasonable, too. Isn't it funny how it goes.

Posted by: Mork at June 24, 2003 at 03:16 AM

Dos anybody see a pattern.

"internet bully"
"bled this vein dry"

Posted by: Gary at June 24, 2003 at 03:34 AM

Why do you get all the cool hate mail? All I get is one weirdo who occasionally ticks me off for inappropriate apostrophe use.

Posted by: Craig Ranapia (Other Pundit) at June 24, 2003 at 08:28 AM

And yet, he continues to read and reply to your comment threads. So what, exactly, does the threat to "stop giving you free material" mean, if the previous "free material" was in the form of comments and he's still commenting?

Perhaps he sent you some nice lame' fabric that we don't know about? In that case, I'm sure you're sorry for the loss of the free material.

Posted by: Tracey at June 24, 2003 at 09:50 AM