The List

Here is what I have assembled for my New Year’s Eve Party of One:

Some fancy-ass chicken-and-sundried-tomato whole wheat ravioli from the refrigerator section of the grocery store.
Some marinara sauce to go on the pasta.
Some fancy French cheese spread (two for one at Publix): some peppery stuff and some garlic-with-herbs flavored.
A small plastic container of olive tapenade (fancy word for olive spread).
A tin of sardines in mustard and dill sauce, for more of that authentic cocktail hour ambience.
Some crackly bread stuff (sesame) for the cheese and the olive spread and the sardines.
Whole wheat bread to make toast points for the same.
Some red grapes. (I like grapes.)
A can of mixed nuts.

Drink, from the liquor store:

An Australian sparkling wine, extra dry, because I like my champagne sweet.
Dry vermouth and a small flask of Tanqueray gin because I am going to make myself a martini. I don’t have olives, but I do have little pickled onions. I also bought one champagne flute and one martini glass.

If I don’t collapse in a drunken heap I’ll fire up the Precious and post my impressions of New Year’s Eve teevee. I know you can’t wait!

Update 7:23pm: I am now sipping the martini and noshing on my inedible edibles. Verdict on the martini: vile, yet somehow compelling. I used to drink Tom Collinses and Gin and Tonics but never noticed that gin smells like a Christmas tree. The juniper, I guess. I could get to like this stuff. The snacks — the sardines, cheese, tapenade — are just right for this kind of bizarre taste combination.

The irritating neighbors are already setting off fireworks. Oh joy. I can remember when fireworks were illegal — to sell, anyway — in Florida, so people had to drive all the way to Georgia to buy them. This generally meant you didn’t hear or see fireworks except on the 4th of July. Now they sell them in the grocery store, and people use them for all occasions: Christmas, birthdays, boredom.

Good God, I’m watching The Lawrence Welk Show. This is a bit more retro than I can stand yet.

Forgot to mention: I made the martini stirred, not shaken. (I copied what I saw a bartender do on the Fine Living Channel.)

9 Responses to “The List”

  1. tree hugging sister Says:

    Happy New Year’s, darlin’! Sounds like the proper piles of nummies to gnosh on. I saw this new PBS series this morning and am going to have a whack at the ‘Puerto Rican Eggnog’ (so said because I can’t remember the Spanish for it) she made. A can each evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and cream of coconut, dump into the blender. Add a couple egg yolks or tbls EggBeaters, healthy glugs of rum, 2 teas. vanilla and scrapes of nutmeg. Whirl away and slurp.

    I am going to be so all over that…

  2. andrea Says:

    Damn, that sounds like liquid flan… Ooh, I have some eggnog. And some Captain Myers Spiced Rum. And nutmeg. No condensed milk though. Oh well.

  3. tree hugging sister Says:

    Just think, you don’t have to clean a blender, so you’re way ahead. Plus, I got the FatFree condensed milk, so I figure it all evens out. Like a brownie with a glass of water.

  4. andrea Says:

    I don’t even have a blender. It’s on my list of things to buy someday…

  5. skubie Says:

    I think if you do the gin and Vermouth with a pickled onion, it’s a Gibson instead of a Martini.

    But I could be wrong. I’ve never had either - somehow I missed out on the whole “martinis are cool” retro thing. When I have gin it’s usually in a G&T, or if I can gather all the ingredients a Singapore Sling. Had a Pink Gin at Raffles Hotel in Singapore once, just for the sheer Imperial decadence of it all. Also I have had Ramos Gin Fizzes before, which to my mind is a far superior brunch drink than Bloody Marys or Mimosas.

    Bought a shaker last time on leave and have had little chance to try it out. Did use it to make Margaritas, which I love shaken and am indifferent to blended. Even bought some of those special glasses for them. In fact, for somebody of my moderate drinking habits, I have an impressive set of bar tools.

  6. skubie Says:

    Hmmm… does that last line suddenly sound like braggadocio?

    “Oh yeah, check out my impressive set of bar tools, baby…”

  7. rhhardin Says:

    Here’s an instant replay of the leap second added at 00:00 UTC

    Notice two beats missing after he says “Time'’ in the last minute of the year, instead of one like on every other minute.

    You can’t party more than that!

    I go to bed early myself. Some years I set up an outdoor mic to capture the gunfire at midnight but the leap second is about all the excitement I need this year.

  8. ilyka Says:

    I am stone cold sober. This must be remedied immediately, so I can make sense of Hardin’s comments.

  9. andrea Says:

    One martini (or Gibson — I can’t find my drink recipe book so I’ll accept that Skubie is probably right) isn’t enough to help me understand.