It’s not looking good for the Elijah Wood is So Not Gay! support group. Observe the evidence: man-purse (calling it a “messenger bag” isn’t going to help); dreadful sub-Seventies haircut — the only straight men who can bring off sideburns like that are huge burly guys who still make their own moonshine, chew tobacco, and have names like “Shirley” but you don’t dare laugh at them; and something about this pose is just so gay.

6 Responses to “Ghey”

  1. Russell Wardlow Says:

    If he were any more gay, he’d be denounced by GLAAD for propounding caricatured gay stereotypes.

  2. skubie Says:

    Well, even if we leave sexual orientation out of it, and I am willing to accept that Elijah may be heterosexual, he’s still gayer than Oscar Wilde’s Christmas goose.

  3. andrea Says:

    After watching an unusual amount of television today, I have come to the conclusion that the gay look is simply “in” among young actorish types. Thanks guys, I really didn’t want to relive my high school days.

  4. ilyka Says:

    I don’t care if it’s “in.” No man under 6′ tall should be permitted to wear sideburns, least of all those sideburns. If he has to be held down by the entire U.S. Olympic men’s swim team and forcibly shaven . . . oh hell, now I’m afraid he might actually like that.

    Just once, Lord. Just once could you make a man who looks that good and isn’t actually gay. Just for a goof or something. Just for the novelty. Come ON. I know there was Rutger Hauer, but that was a long time ago and time has not been kind to him.

  5. guinsPen Says:

    Anybody have change for a three?

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  6. Sloan Says:

    Lol guinsPen, ya beat me to it!

    Maybe he’s not really gay…maybe he’s just a girlie-man who still likes women.