Cindy Sheehan

Can we bring back the public stocks? Seriously, can we? I mean, we can make it into a reality tv show (there, Hollywood’s on it like a shot, The Making of special on the Travel Channel showing the factory where the manufactured Lyptus™ wood stocks are cut and shaped and polished is already in the works). Because there are people in this country in serious need of some real public humiliation, involving being held immobile in an uncomfortable position, not in a discreet prison far away like Abu Ghraib, but in public — in, say, Times Square, while rotten cabbages are thrown at them.

Chief on the list is Raggedy Mom Doll Cindy Sheehan, who is currently occupying Camp Pathetic Wastes of Human Flesh outside of the President’s ranch in Crawford, Texas. One thing this proves is that Texans are sadly a whole lot more liberal and tolerant than they are always being accused of by the shitforbrains left: if they were actually as bigotted and short-tempered as they are always accused of being, there would be nothing left of Cindy Sheehan but a grease spot in the Texas dust.

Another thing this proves is that apple pie might just be the last goddamn pristine thing left of the American collective character. Sheehan belongs in a list of those mothers who have caused the mantle of motherhood to be tossed into the trash compactor, along with Mothers Who Left Their Unfulfilling Marriages to Find Their Real Whorish Selves and Lesbian Moms Who Named Their In-Vitro Sons “Claudette” In Order To Break Down Gender Stereotypes. No — she’s worse; I’ll bet you that even most trendy lesbomoms of boys-in-barrettes would balk at climbing into the regard of the life-hating left over the corpses of their sons. Then again, I could be wrong, this being the Age of Utter Gall. But at the very least bitches like this Sheehan witch should be shunned, with no pauses at “Aw, she’s crying” corner either.

10 Responses to “Cindy Sheehan”

  1. Russell Wardlow Says:

    You know, I tried thinking of something to say about this, but it was all too nauseating. Every aspect of this story pushes the bile to the tip of my throat.

  2. The_Real_JeffS Says:

    There comes a point when one must let go of the grief and/or rage over the loss of a loved one. After that, the grief and/or rage takes over your life.

    I’m not certain that this applies to Cindy, given her change of position, but she clearly needs to get a life.

  3. Andrew Ian Dodge Says:

    RW: yep agree with you 100%. I have not commented on my own blog cause of it.

  4. TheFatGuy Says:

    There’s no accounting for lunatics, but there should be an accounting for the people who prop them up.

  5. Dmac Says:

    Yeah, this will really help the anti - war agenda: preying on an obviously mentally ill, grieving mother. Can anyone actually believe that she wasn’t goaded into doing this by her erstwhile “supporters?”

  6. spqrzilla Says:

    The whole spectacle is more than a little sickening.

  7. Lana Says:

    Well, you must understand Texans. Crawford is ranch country. The men wouldn’t probably go near the woman, because harrassing a girl, and on top of that a grieving mother, would be tacky and shameless. Plus they’d respect her son’s service enough to leave her be and assure each other that her boy is probably rollin’ over in his grave, but there is just no accounting for women and how they might act, son.

    The women probably feel more sorry for her, but give her a wide berth for another reason. I’m sure they drive by and think she’s just demented with grief, bless her heart. The most important thing is to keep the children well away from the whole, unfortunate business.

  8. andrea Says:

    Someone tell Cindy that. She seems convinced that she’s going to be killed any minute now.

  9. ricki Says:

    Yeah, I’m chimin’ in late on this (been out of town), but the whole display of Sheehan just disgusts me. She’s being used, plain and simple.

    “Unseemly” is the best word I can come up with to describe her “I must meet with the president and tell him about my dead son and that he must pull the troops out now” diatribe. (I mean, pulling the troops out now - that’s about the BIGGEST mistake that could be made in all of this.)

    Incidentally, I live in the South and am familiar with Texans and their way of life, and Lana pretty much nails things.

  10. andrea Says:

    I refuse to give her the out of saying she’s been “used.” She’s been at this for a while, now. She knows exactly what she’s doing.