December 04, 2003

Why I don't bother with the "official" news anymore

A new post, a new category. Hey, Christmas comes but once a year. And so does Thanksgiving. Say, have you heard the one about the fake turkey? Looks like Bush really is Hitler then!

Jesuschrist I have just one thing to say to the highly paid and Very Important Guardians of the Press:

Oh for god's sake who gives a shit will you people get a fucking life already?

Thank you.

By the way, I had the same attitude towards the people obsessed with Bill Clinton's penis and all the places it had been during the Hugest Absolute Hugest Oh No Presidents Have Ever Had Illicit Sex In the White House Before We Are Shocked Yes Shocked Scandal Ever. So you can think about something else to snark at me about. Try being a little original maybe.

And last of all, no I was not jaded about the perambulations of Billy's willy because I am all blasé about adultery; I was irritated that there were so many other worse things the Great He was up to than playing hide-the-cigar with Monica. But people went ahead and wasted valuable time trying to get him to admit "is" meant "is" when they could have been investigating more important things. Oh well, all babies have to eat, and newspapers have to sell. Whatever.

(Via a small victory.)

Posted by Andrea Harris at December 4, 2003 06:51 PM