November 26, 2003

Dude, Where's My Car? Part 2, Or: Cool Things to Do Now That I Can't Just Drive Off

Vote for Vote for Acid Keg as top web comic (Just Say No to the Return of Bloom County! Via Jim Treacher.)

Watch The Two Towers, the Extended Edition, all night instead of getting a good night's sleep. (Like I said -- it's a good thing I have the important stuff paid for, isn't it?)

Mmm... venison.

Hook up my own goddamn washing machine since the maintenance crew this apartment complex hires has a lousy attitude.

Curse as I realize my laundry detergent was left in my ex-car, to be retrieved from the Evil Repo'ed Car Holding Place along with my ancient U2 tapes, discarded kleenexes, and other personal possessions left in said car.

Walk to the grocery store to buy more detergent.

Contemplate extra time in the next few weeks to read some of my favorite blogger/webwriter dudes since I -- Hey, wait just a doggone minute -- %#^@%#*!!

Posted by Andrea Harris at November 26, 2003 06:07 AM