November 25, 2003


Well. Ain't life a kick in the ass sometimes. Take today: I got up and went outside, planning to do my usual routine of getting in the car and driving to work. Unfortunately that proved impossible to do, since there was no car waiting for me where I had parked it last night. I had the feeling the neighborhood's joyriders were not the ones responsible. I kept meaning to call the bank...

Anyway, after much rigmarole, I found out that 1) I will have to come up with $2027.89 in fifteen days to get the car back. That's with "repossession fees" -- I don't owe that much in just late payments. Since I don't have that much money, I guess I'll be carless for a while until I can save up enough money to buy a piece of junk. Then I called the number to find out where I could go to get my stuff out of the car, and they tell me they charge "inventory fees" for that, to call back later and find out how much I will have to fork over for my cassette tapes and other crap. And I can pick the stuff up only at a certain time "by appointment only" between the hours of 1:45 and 3:45pm or something like that at this place wherever it is. (I'll bet you it's in one of those neighborhoods where there are a lot of "bail bondsmen" places.) Fun.

Oh well, those car payments were crushing my head anyway. We'll just try not to think of my ha-ha joke credit rating right now. At least I have all the important stuff paid for, like this here internet site. Now I have to figure out how to drive it to work. If only I could just upload myself... Now I am off to figure out the bus system in this town.

Update: bus system has been duly figured. My one fear was that Orlando would have some stupid "we're still a small town" schedule where the buses don't start running until 8 o'clock, and stop at sundown (kind of like Miami did -- see, even though Miami is a huge city with a population above two million, the bus system there was a joke and a half; don't expect to be able to go anywhere after 9pm without a car unless you live near downtown -- aka, in one of the worst neighborhoods in the US) but fortunately that won't be a problem. Lots of buses, and they start early and stay up late. Also, I'm on a normal work schedule.

Some other look-on-the-bright-side moments:

I might finally lose some weight.

It's not summer.

And last: at least I'm not this stupid female.

Last very last update to this I swear: (6:10pm) I checked this entry again to see if I was really pathetic; I decided that I could have been more pathetic, so I'll leave it as is. A few more things: car-pooling has been arranged for (turns out one of my coworkers lives in my nice across-town neighborhood); the fees for getting my used kleenex, old-worn-out U2 tapes, and junkmail aren't that bad, though I certainly wouldn't charge that much for them; and the bus system sucks in Orlando too, just in a different way from Miami's.

Posted by Andrea Harris at November 25, 2003 09:33 AM