November 13, 2003



You see before you the skeleton of the new blog. I'm too tired to go into lengthy explanations; suffice it to say I have been needing a change for some time and this is the beginning. I'll give out a hint: simplify.

I won't be keeping this exact style sheet, of course; it's just based on Movable Type's dull-but-safe "Clean" template. I have decided to take a one-post-per-page approach to the blog; I have never really been happy with the multi-entry, weblog-type look. I started doing a hand-coded diary-like thing back in 2000 (no link; it's on a Geocities site and that has long since gotten frooked up; besides, I can't remember the password) where I had a more Bleat-like format, and I'm going to try to go back to that to see if I like it better. Links to previous posts are either in "entries" to the left or you can click on "previous" at the bottom to navigate to the last post.

Also, I have closed all comments on my blog (you can read the ones that have already been posted, there just isn't an entry form to add any new ones); I am not at this stage sure whether or not I will bring them back. I have been in a bad mood for a variety of reasons, and I find that the usual snarky give-and-take has been more irritating lately than enlightening. Either the entire Blogospherical thing has jumped the shark, or the solar flares did something to everyone's brain. Or maybe I have had it up to here with everyone and everything. The latest blogfight, for instance, struck me as most ridiculous, but I was apparently in the minority. (However, I may just send that email to Du Toit yet. But that is for another entry.) In any case, when one is weary of being drawn into can-you-top-this-right-back-atcha-I'm-rubber-you're-glue comment wars, it behooves one to not provide an arena for this sort of thing to go on. So until (and if) I reopen commenting, if you really have some burning need to express to me your opinion on something I said, use the email address provided. (You know what to do with the "-at-" so don't even complain. I refuse to provide a clickable link so a zillion spammers can fill my email folders with spam.)

Coming soon: an "about" page, as soon as I decide what I want to say on it; improved formatting, etc. In the meantime, Good night.

Posted by Andrea Harris at November 13, 2003 01:37 AM