November 02, 2003

Home sweet home

Note to self: sell all possessions before moving ever again. I finally got the washer and dryer moved into the place. I was terrified that I had made a huge mistake and the tiny space this apartment has for washer/dryer sets was too small (they are ideally set up for the stackable kind; I have the separate floor set). Damn things are a headache and a half; my friend tried to hook up the lint hose (or whatever that stretchy aluminum thing is called), but it kept coming loose. And I need to have maintenance plug the hoses in anyway, as well as making sure the electricity works. Did I mention all the non-working outlets I have? Grr. Oh well, it's a cheap place, so I get what I pay for.

I also got my few remaining large pieces of furniture in the place. My oh-so-Gothic matte black iron-look canopy bed frame is in pieces against the wall. I've decided to get rid of it; for one thing, it's too tall for the room, and for another, it will interfere with the ceiling fan if I set it up. So, anyone want to buy a black metal canopy bed frame? I might even let the rails go with it.

Anyway, that was my exciting day. I have a sinus headache now. I have taken handfuls of Advil and sinus pills, with very little effect. Also, I am addicted to Sonic's Cheddar Peppers and Cherry Limeade. I bought this meal twice today (well, the first time I bought a Strawberry Limeade instead but I find I prefer the Cherry). Nitey nite.

I still have to put away books and do laundry. Oy.

Posted by Andrea Harris at November 2, 2003 11:20 PM