May 20, 2003

If looks could kill they probably will

Here's a little something to keep us all occupied while we all wait until December to roll around: Tolkien computer games.

Or you could go play Tolkien Baseball.

(Yes, I am feeling to ill to post anything of note tonight. Darn stomach virus.)

Posted by Andrea Harris at May 20, 2003 01:11 AM

Aww, I hope you feel better soon, evil one. :)

And thanks for the plug! Did you know there's a team in the league called the Misty Mountain Hop? Too silly for words.

Posted by: Solonor at May 20, 2003 at 01:15 AM

Erm, well, when you have a Tolkien-themed baseball game on your website you've got to expect the occasional really silly team name... ;)

Posted by: Andrea Harris at May 20, 2003 at 11:14 AM

Oh lord -- I know the title is from a song and I can even hear that one part of it in my head, but I'm drawing a blank on the rest of it.

I'm going to be so embarrassed if/when I get the answer; it's probably something more obvious than the stench in Michael Moore's laundry room.

Posted by: McGehee at May 20, 2003 at 05:29 PM

McGehee: That would be "Games Without Frontiers" by Peter Gabriel.

Posted by: MacCat at May 20, 2003 at 05:59 PM

Yep. I'm embarrassed. Thanks, Cat.

Posted by: McGehee at May 20, 2003 at 11:14 PM