May 07, 2003

Who eats dead vultures?

Obviously, we made a huge mistake in not letting this war in Iraq drag on and on while the bodies piled up. Why? Because we left little or nothing for carrion birds to eat. And that is why, I think, so many carrion birds of the left have been trolling the blogs; there is no smelly corpse to feast upon, so they are forced to attempt to get nourishment from healthy beasts well able to defend themselves. Case in point: a conspiracy-obsessed troll who calls himself "Barney Gumble" has graced my blog with his presence, after attacking, and being easily driven from, the comments pages of Sgt. Stryker, Denny Wilson, and Bill Quick's blogs. This is the sort of person whose favorite type of comeback to someone who has proven one of his dumb comments wrong, is to say "Ha ha! You so did not beat me! I win because I say I win! You can't handle me!" And so on. I have met five year olds with more control over a situation than Mr. "Gumble."

His comment in my post was, I guess, supposed to send me into a frothing rage that he could enjoy in a way that is no doubt keeping the manufacturers of keyboard-protectors, Windex, and Kleenex profitable. I am sorry to inform him that he has failed: I regard the sad spectacle of someone who says "[...] you better ban me now, because I believe that Bill Clinton was a good man and a good President" more with amusement than anything. That's nice, Barney. You go ahead and admire anyone you want. Momma will be down later with some cookies and milk for her boy.

I am not going to bother banning you for such a pitifully innocuous comment. I'll just see if you are man enough to keep your own word:

Barney Gumble, go away.
Barney Gumble, go away.
Barney Gumble, go away.

Posted by Andrea Harris at May 7, 2003 11:49 PM