April 11, 2003



Take the "How Do You Use Magic?" test! Written by Brimo

(Via ***Dave.)

Posted by Andrea Harris at April 11, 2003 03:28 PM

Me too, but as usual I couldn't really answer most of the questions. Out in the woods is good but I definitely require something more than a "shack." The "dream job" choices were pretty bad too. I picked "singer" but my real dream job is to be a lazy-ass housewife who spends 12 hours a day surfing the Internet. (I would be living that dream except that things like housework and other people wanting to use the computer keep getting in the way)

Posted by: Lynn S at April 11, 2003 at 05:37 PM

Damn, I got Elf. Don't these people know now that 3E came out, that humans can multiclass too? ;)

Posted by: Xenophon at April 12, 2003 at 08:51 AM