March 06, 2003

Am I black or white?

Uh oh -- (click for a larger pic)

How BLACK are you?

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Posted by Andrea Harris at March 6, 2003 02:38 PM

Not very. I'm more of an odd beige.

Posted by: Ken Summers at March 6, 2003 at 02:54 PM

I am white chocolate.


Posted by: Rita at March 6, 2003 at 06:19 PM

Mmmmmm. White chocolate...


Posted by: Kevin McGehee at March 6, 2003 at 06:25 PM

I did the Simpson's test. Turns out I'm a fat, lazy, disfunctional slob. Guess which one I'm not.

Posted by: Tony.T at March 7, 2003 at 12:42 AM