March 03, 2003


Via Dipnut I found out that I too am on the blog-list of Simone Koo, a South Korean student currently enrolled in Georgetown University. I like this post, where she succinctly puts an antiwar babbler in her place:

Sue Sanders of Denver writes to the Rocky Mountain News (last letter): "I'd rather die in a terrorist attack than initiate war anywhere, anytime, any place." That's real noble of you there, Sue, but terrorist attacks are likely to kill people other than you, which means your suicidal impulses are actually homicidal.

Heh heh. There is an interesting sort of pattern to this: my father was a Korean War vet who graduated from Georgetown thanks to the GI Bill. (He enrolled after he got back.) I still have his diploma, which is all in Latin. I once had ambitions of going there, but like many things in my life I let that slide.

Posted by Andrea Harris at March 3, 2003 08:47 PM

So your father risked his life to save Ms. Koo, and she apparently knows something more about freedom than many Americans.

What a surprise.

Posted by: Dean Esmay at March 3, 2003 at 10:17 PM