February 24, 2003

The people's Republic of Oregon

Well, there goes any plans to even visit Oregon, let alone live there. I prefer not to spend my money in tiny versions of Oceania, whenever possible.

Posted by Andrea Harris at February 24, 2003 11:53 AM

Blame the envirobastards in Portland.

Posted by: Ken Summers at February 24, 2003 at 03:04 PM

The State might be "considering" it, but I doubt they'll actually even attempt it. They're too busy threatening the state with no schools and no prisons and dead insane people everywhere because we refused to vote in a tax increase, and expected the mto actually, y'know, spend the money they took more wisely.

The practical issues alone suggest that such a system would never be implemented, even if it wasn't political near-suicide (people, oddly, don't seem to like such systems very much). (Think of all the infrastructure issues in simply getting the data, let alone in getting useful infromation out of it, and billing in a vaguely accurate manner. Portland can't even manage accounting for its water works.)

Oregon's socialist bark is generally far worse than its bite, fortunately.

Posted by: Sigivald at February 24, 2003 at 04:38 PM

I know something these statist fuckers don't: I live in Oregon.

They can put a GPS on me when they pry it into my cold, dead hands...

Posted by: dipnut at February 24, 2003 at 07:07 PM

Yeah. As an Oregonian myself, I seriously doubt this is going to go through. Even here in The Democratic People's Republic of Eugene, this idea isn't gaining any real support. It'll go down in flames.

I don't think any of the "good old boys" that I grew up around on the coast will be terribly excited at the idea of having the state mandate that they install GPS units in their "rigs" either ;)

Posted by: Vincent at February 24, 2003 at 08:39 PM

"They can put a GPS on me when they pry it into my cold, dead hands." - definitely my Quote of the Day!

Incidentally, this sounds exactly like the congestion charge that Mayor Ken Livingstone has just introduced in central London - £5 every time you enter a zone between Hyde Park and the City area, all policed by - you guessed it, the quintessentially British solution to all your surveillance problems! - CCTV. Doubtless the rest of the world will be watching this experiment. Be warned.

Posted by: Steven Chapman at February 25, 2003 at 09:53 PM