February 22, 2003

Not an idiot

I have made plenty of fun of Bono recently, but it isn't because he's part of the Celebrities Against Icky War Because It Makes Us Uncomfortable brigade. Whatever his faults, he is not about to join the ranks of the Saddamites human shields currently attempting to infest Iraq. Read this article to get his reaction to the carefree assumption by certain members of the FOS* that he would obediently trot over to Baghdad just because they asked him to.

There is an undertone of pique in the article about Bono's apparent refusal to spell out just what his position on the whole Iraq thing is. I have the feeling that he is probably keeping mum about this particular situation because he knows that a large percentage of his fans would spit up nails if he actually told them what he really thinks. He is not a fool about his own career, whatever else he might be foolish about.

*Friends of Saddam.

Posted by Andrea Harris at February 22, 2003 01:34 AM