February 14, 2003

Does the fun ever start?

I have closed the comments in the old blog for July 2002, and for January 1, 2003 in the new blog. I didn't realize just how many posts I make per day. My plan is to leave comments for blog posts open no longer than thirty days, unless an argument gets out of hand. Ah, site maintenance. It's such a joy.

Update: the comments entry and preview windows now have formatting buttons for bold, italics, and links. Please, people, when putting a link in the comments, use the "url" button to make a link! It's the easy way.

Posted by Andrea Harris at February 14, 2003 11:53 PM

I kinda like those entries on month-old stuff. They're usually drunken rants in all caps that make no sense.
But I bet you get a lot more of than

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at February 15, 2003 at 07:45 AM

That would be "more of that than me."

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at February 15, 2003 at 07:46 AM

The fun started when you started the blog. Only it's us readers that get it all. That's what makes you and your blog totally cool. You get the aggravation, and we get the free ice cream.

Colin MacDougall

Posted by: Colin at February 15, 2003 at 11:42 AM