February 12, 2003

They can balance a bomb on the end of their noses too!

Via Blogatelle, comes this little article: Sea Lions Guard US Ships. No kidding. Guess that dolphin thing didn't work out... (What I heard is, the finned ones became big time movie stars, fame went to their heads, suddenly the US military-supplied chum wasn't good enough -- the same old sad story. Now I hear that the last pair of reconnaisance dolphins are retired, living off Catalina Island in a seedy bungalow. They bicker and fight constantly because of Mr. Dolphin's drinking problem and the habit he has of ogling pretty young female porpoises, which pisses the Mrs. off no end because she has kept her looks, thank you very much. Also, a gig at Sea World fell through (also due to his drinking, though he swears he wasn't the one who pissed in the pool just before Shamu was to swim in). Now he spends his days at the reef, telling any newcomer who happens to swim by tedious stories all about his days doing spy work for the US Navy. It's sad, really.)

This "map" is funny too. I'd say someone has a public relations problem.

Update: here's a map of how we see Europe! Heh heh. And here's one on how the Europeans (well, the French and Germans, anyway) see us. Ah, learning leading to understanding, ain't it wonderful?

Posted by Andrea Harris at February 12, 2003 08:20 PM

grumble, grumble...

Just wait till you kids get old, and we'll see how you handle it. Days at the reef in a jumpsuit sound pretty good about now.

Posted by: Scott at February 12, 2003 at 10:53 PM