February 03, 2003

He was only a grocer's slaughterer

The WAPO presents this Saddam-cuddling article without commentary. One must, of course, take the words of "Mrs. Yawo" with a grain of salt, since I am sure that there was an Iraqi government minder present at the interview. Still, I am sure that there are in this country as well as other Western nations plenty of people who would willingly trade the relative uncertainty of our fairly democratic, semi-capitalist lifestyle for the "safety" of life under a ruthless dictator, just so they could bring home bales of food and soap for under a dollar. The way this article is written also makes it seem as if the misfortunes that have beset the once prosperous nation were the result of those Mean People Who Attacked Iraq For No Good Reason, and paints Hussein as a kind papa who only wants to feed his beleagured people, instead of the tyrant who wastes his country's oil revenue trying to become the first nuclear-powered Caliph. Is this what the media pros mean when they talk about "objectivity"?

(Via Juan Gato)

Posted by Andrea Harris at February 3, 2003 09:35 PM