January 30, 2003

Naked Aussie skank update

Now who is this really? These bon mots were left in the comments section of that post. Here are the comments complete with traceroute and whois info (update -- I moved the rest of this into the extended entry listing for aesthetic reasons):

Name: Karen Jackson Email Address: grandmascrotum@yahoo.com.au URL: http://www.streakerama.com

IP Address:
TraceRoute: http://www.opus1.com/htbin/traceroute?debug=NO&query=
WhoIs: http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=

Hi y'all.
Nice to see my little angry webdiary post has pissed so many people off - and got you to think a bit about your country, and how others see it.

Yes, I was angry when I wrote "Ten reasons to be anti-American" and I got a little extreme in my comments. I'm just sick of the term being used to deride others who dare to question the way the world is.

I still think they cover the basics of why the rest of the world doesn't trust the American government. Is it so important that I said "dozens"?

And I like squirrels - so??? They're funny. They've got bushy tails. And the grand canyon is cool. Thanks for telling me that means I'm extremely proud of my enormous vulva. I thought I just liked the scenery. Now I'm thinking I should be charging entry fees.

I know a number of American people, and they're all very friendly. My little list at the end was an - admittedly small - attempt to not be so angry. I guess I should have left it out, if that's the best you can come up with.

It's hard not to feel angry when your prime minister is sending Australian troops off to an American war that won't be legal. I thought we'd learned our lesson about other people's wars at Gallipoli in 1914.

Nothing deadly in Australia? Hah! You should meet the brown snake that lives in our garden. And if you run into Steve Irwin on a bad day, ooh, crikey :D

I never said I didn't believe in the right not to vote - just that it's shocking that the US people don't vote in such droves - and then this is the government you get. I'll bet the number of Americans who oppose this war is greater than the number that actually voted in the recent Congressional elections.

Would you prefer it if I just said "I don't believe in the ideas behind the bill of rights?"
We don't have a bill of rights in Australia, so it's one of those nice things we can dream about.

So, by all means, continue to flame. Feel free to streak if you're in the mood, it's very refreshing. And be nice to the squirrels

Name: Karen Jackson
Email Address: grandmascrotum@yahoo.com.au
URL: http://www.streakerama.com

IP Address:
TraceRoute: http://www.opus1.com/htbin/traceroute?debug=NO&query=
WhoIs: http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=

Now that I've gone to read Tex's lovely comments, I had to come back and thank all of you for not using the terms "arseclown", "assfuck" and so on. My opinion of you as thinking people who can debate a topic reasonably is so much improved by it.

But, should you feel the need to lower yourself to Tex's level, let me respond in kind: fuck you.

See, that cleared EVERYTHING up, didn't it?

Have a nice day.


Update: Tim Blair has further commentary on her espousal of nudism and the political views of the King of Bhutan.

Posted by Andrea Harris at January 30, 2003 02:05 AM

See, this is so unfair. I could've been an insane naked crank, too, if I'd only known that it led to notoriety and a paying career. But noooooo! I had to go to grad school. Damn.

Plus, I'm just not down with the running naked thing. Too much flopping and flapping and frankly, OW!

Maybe I could just sit here naked and type anti-American screeds. Think anyone would pay for that?

Posted by: Tracey at January 30, 2003 at 08:34 AM

Please refer her to my squirrel recipe post.

Substitute "Karen" wherever it says "squirrel."

Posted by: michele at January 30, 2003 at 09:07 AM

Ugh, she's Australian and yet she got the date of Gallipoli wrong: it's 1915. Idiot. And by suggesting Australians should have learned to be isolationists from that fiasco, she disgraces the memory of Aussies who lie buried across the globe, from Normandy, North Africa and New Guinea to Korea and Vietnam--who died fighting for freedom and democracy, every one of them.

Posted by: David Jaroslav at January 30, 2003 at 09:56 AM


One of the little tidbits of history that makes one wonder about folks like Ms Jackson is the relationship between Australia and the US and the UK.

In the dark days of '42, as the Japanese (yes, those Third World types who, I'm sure, were doing nothing that truly deserved getting nuked three years later) were rampaging---er, touring---down Southeast Asia towards Australia, the Australian PM requested that Australia's divisions, dispatched to Egypt to fight the UK's wars, be returned, in order to defend the homeland. This had been arranged, it seems, between said PM and Churchill.

Churchill, looking at the requirements in the Western Desert, politely told the Aussies "Not a chance." And, in that one stroke, the Aussies concluded that their place in the Commonwealth/Empire was far lower than they'd expected.

Enter the United States, which DID dispatch not just Douglas MacArthur, but troops to Australia, to help keep the Japanese at bay. Australian forces, reinforced by Americans, helped hold the Japanese on New Guinea, and American naval and air forces supplemented the home defense forces after Japanese carrier aviation bombed Darwin.

Couple these tidbits w/ the fact that the ANZAC losses at Gallipoli were due to British incompetence, on a scale that was NEVER repeated by the US in the course of at least three wars (WWII, Korea, Vietnam), and one would almost think that the lesson Ms. Jackson would draw from this is: Don't trust British military leadership, rather than "Be isolationist."

Just a thought....

Posted by: Dean at January 30, 2003 at 09:58 AM

I know I always find a political candidate more credible when their site has links to places like "Latina Orgy", "Voyeur Dorm", "Every Hole" and "Vampire Network".

I mean, what's the point of being in politics if you don't get to hook up with hot Latina vampire coeds now and then? I'm sure Mr.Clinton would agree.

Posted by: Niccolo Machiavelli at January 30, 2003 at 10:07 AM

See, Australia can produce idiotarians as stupid and embarrassing as any in the world....

Posted by: Scott Wickstein at January 30, 2003 at 11:34 AM

And she still doesn't know where Stalin is from.

Pitiful, just pitiful.


Posted by: MonkeyPants at January 30, 2003 at 01:36 PM

Isn't ironic that "Jerry Springer" is a Democrat who is close to her politics. Her web page is just an online version of his show. She sounds like a little girl looking for attention and that what Tex,Andrea and Tim gave her like good adults.

Posted by: Gary at January 31, 2003 at 08:41 AM


Let's try not ro talk about Jerry Springer. The man actually has a decent shot of taking George Voinovich's Senate seat if he runs in 2004. I fear for the Republic.

Posted by: David Jaroslav at January 31, 2003 at 09:46 AM