January 19, 2003


In other news, while smug, whiny, Communist-led protestors were tromping around the Mall and waving their silly signs, fires in Canberra, Australia destroyed over 400 homes, have killed four people so far, and destroyed much of that city's power and sewage grid. I am only thankful that this past year was one of the wettest we've had for quite some time in Florida. I can still remember the fires of 1998, which caused about a zillion dollars damage. (That was before I moved to this area; I lived in Miami back then, and the smoke came all the way down there until the whole place smelled like Los Angeles on a bad smog day.) Tex, who lives in the area, has updates -- including this amazing picture of darkness at noon with fires burning all too near. It looks like Mount Doom. Tim Blair also has reports.

Posted by Andrea Harris at January 19, 2003 10:17 AM