About Page V. 1.0

Welcome to the Spleenville Journal. This is the version (more or less) you will experience until at least the end of 2003. Some notes on the site:
  • This is a personal website. I am not affiliated with any news organ, media conglomerate, religious association, political party, Girl Scout troop -- you get the idea.
  • My name really is Andrea Harris. I am not a Fake Webbe Personality.
  • I will not be enabling comments on very many posts. The last big argument here on my blog put my fed-up meter at the top. I will, occasionally, enable comments for certain posts, but eventually (at a time and for a reason decided upon by me and me alone) I will close the comments.
  • You may have noticed that the link to the email address does not work. That's because it is not a link, it is just an image of my email address my email address in plain text. This is how I cut down on spam. If you just have to contact me via my email address, here is how you do it: you open your email program by its icon thingie or whatever method you use. You select "compose" and go to the "to" field. Click so that the cursor is in this field. Now let go the mouse and move your fingers, or whatever you type with, to the keyboard. Type out: "a -- d -- m --" and so on. You will also have to hit the shift key and the upper "2" key at the same time to get that "@" symbol. The rest is as usual.
  • You will also notice a lack of a blogroll. I got tired of people emailing me their links and asking me to blogroll them. My blogroll became huge and unwieldy. It still is, but since it's a private blogroll that's my problem, not my page load's problem. If I want to link to you I'll do it in a post, otherwise get your advertizing elsewhere. Note: there are a few sites I link to; they are on the Links page. Don't ask me to add your site; I'll like as not ignore you.
  • I have no web counter or site meter or any of that stuff. That is because I don't care about my site statistics. I don't care how many people visit this site. I don't care about my placement on any of the Kewl Blog Lists, and I don't care whether the New York Times is aware of me. I just don't care.
  • Okay, I have changed the look. Christmas is over.
That's all for now.