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Spleenville HQ: Global Smarming

Global Smarming

Jul 10, 11:12 AM

At first read this article (warning: Huffington Post) seems like a realistic assessment of the reason countries like India and China are not interested in joining in on the big Stop The Weather self-flagellation and pity party that is the whole carbon-footprint climate change fake feelgood cause of the decade in the West. (In the Nineties it was the Now That History’s Over Let’s Get Down And Boogie movement that brought us dead depressed rockstars and a president who couldn’t keep it in his pants; in the Eighties it was the Reagan’s Going To Kill Us All So Let’s Put Makeup On Guys fad that brought us a million Culture Club vinyl LPs now rotting — well, not rotting — in landfills; in the Seventies it was the Ugly Clothes and Hair Is Sexy Me Decade… and so on. Every decade has a fad it seems.)

Anyway, I skimmed the whole thing then I read it again a little more closely, and what stood out for me was the way the author, an American, basically called the ancient cultures of China and India teenagers. You know, as compared to us Wise Old Elder Beings here in America. Isn’t that what Our Concerned Liberal Progressive Transnational Multiculturally Diverse Betters are always cautioning us against — that sort of parochialism that results in each generation of Americans acting like they invented age-old activities like childbirth, farming, and marriage? Grant you, the political and economic systems in India and China are both experiencing a sort of rebirth after centuries of neglect and decay, but that doesn’t mean they are “teenagers” on the world stage. As a matter of fact, both countries’ refusal to jump on the self-abnegation in the name of Climate Change (peace be upon it) bandwagon might actually stem from ancient cultural awareness of what constitutes bullshit. After all, both countries practically invented the concept of monastic self-denial in the name of the “greater good,” and all it brought them was not having a lot of stuff. In other words, this ain’t their first time at the rodeo. Why should they be impressed by our wide-eyed amazement at what ropes and spurs can do to a strong horse?

Andrea Harris




  1. This is the Andrea we all know and love. Great post!

    — erp · Jul 10, 12:40 PM · #

  2. Cultures that adopt what works are no longer considered ‘genuine’ (read, immured in poverty and corruption).

    — aelfheld · Jul 10, 04:57 PM · #

  3. Well being a teenager to the liberals is a step up from the default view which is somewhere between a house pet and a ride at Disney World.

    — Oldcat · Jul 10, 07:08 PM · #

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