Comments: Convicted? Um...

Sheesh, between you and Kate's teeth I'm not going to have any beer money.

Posted by: Matt at August 3, 2005 at 04:07 PM

Definitely a worthy cause. Most of my charitable giving is tied up with a yearly donation regimen to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. However, I expect I can come up with something for MDA.

Posted by: Jon at August 3, 2005 at 04:54 PM

Is that a threat in the Helen Thomas mode?

Posted by: Major John at August 3, 2005 at 05:02 PM

Matt -- I'll buy you two beers next time we see each other.

Jon -- Any help is appreciated, but I understand your support of St. Jude's taking precedence.

Major John -- Some might say I'm just following through on yet another threat to quit, but if the donations don't start picking up soon I may have to start soliciting donations by promising to return to Scourging Richard Cohen. I'll forgive you this one time for mentioning me in the same sentence as Helen Thomas.

Posted by: charles austin at August 4, 2005 at 10:51 AM

We've heard the "this blog is pining for the fjords" speech before. ;o)

I'm going, I'm going...

Posted by: Tanya at August 5, 2005 at 08:21 PM

July and August seem to be monetary dog days. I wonder if it's the combination of having spent money for summer vacation and sticker shock from spending on back to school items for kids that does it, but kitties seem to be empty everywhere.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at August 6, 2005 at 01:20 PM

Have you asked George Soros? Just find a way to blame MD on George W. Bush and he'll cough up millions.

Posted by: J Bowen at August 7, 2005 at 01:50 AM

Say Jim, you don't happen to have George's cell phone number, do you?

Posted by: charles austin at August 9, 2005 at 10:25 AM