Comments: Da Debate

I'm aghast at the questions.

Several question aimed at Edwards were framed in a way as to make them sound pointed...and were, in reality, opportunities for Edwards to prattle on about himself, opportunities which were not given to Cheney. And the 'rebuttals' to those questions were just shameful. Cheney made a joke about it after the second or third one..

Why are all the moderators liberals? And, that last debate, moderated by Bob Schaeffer from CBS--CBS? This has got to be the biggest travesty I've ever seen. Rathergate, the phony draft story. CBS isn't a news service, it's the Kerry campaign.

I think that the MSM, despite any evidence to the contrary is going to claim victory for Kerry/Edwards in every debate--unless Kerry severly and publically screws up so massively that it cannot be denied.

Posted by: jack at October 6, 2004 at 10:51 AM