Comments: Tomorrow's Fish and Chip Paper

I about died this morning when the Post editorialized:
"Not that a barge operation would necessarily be all bad. The bluff-dwellers don't own the land they overlook, after all, and barge traffic has long been part of the day-to-day life of the river."

Of course, they do go on to say:
"A nearby quarry owner has been dumping waste rock on the site with the blessing of the county and the property owners. The effect has been to raise part of the land out of the flood plain so that the new park's picnic areas and parking lot will stay dry.

By itself, such a project has little effect on flood levels. But many such projects along the river could cause environmental damage. It's safer to leave the flood plain undisturbed, even if a few picnic tables get their legs wet now and then."

I guess you have to choose your battles, and the Post decided to side with mother nature rather than a bunch of homeowners, who are probably (1) guilty of sprawl, and (2) rich.

Posted by: Kevin "fun" Murphy at January 6, 2004 at 02:27 PM