Americans vs. Europeans, Part Infinity

Americans prefer action over thought. This has often led us into choppy waters, to say the least. I have often (like most of every waking minute) been annoyed and irritated by this tendency of my fellow citizens to discount intellectual activity in favor of blowing something up or setting something on fire. Not that those two activities aren’t cool. Anyway.

But I don’t want to trade it for the European (excluding the UK but possibly including Ireland, since they like to talk so damn much) tendency to talk and talk and talk and then issue a windy, pompous manifesto that often as not demands something be provided in perpetuity for free. Bonus points if no one, including the manifesto-issuer, can quite explain just what it is they want. They only know that they want it without any effort that will cause them to have to stop smoking cigarettes and drinking tiny cups of espresso. This guy wants, I think, for the favorite movies of his childhood to be available for free on the internet. All I can say to him is, you brag and brag about how expert you are at this internet stuff and you’ve never heard of Pirate Bay?

I also like how Lileks points out how things like this are always about Western culture. Yeah, you people in Borneo and Rwanda and other places where everyone doesn’t have a 24/7 plug-in to the Matrix? You don’t count.

(Via Transterrestrial Musings.)

2 thoughts on “Americans vs. Europeans, Part Infinity

  1. aelfheld

    There is not a trace in us of that humble acceptance displayed by our parents […]

    That’s been made clear by the riots. Demanding, conceited, whiny brats with a sense of entitlement almost as large as the debts racked up to support you in an opulent and unearned lifestyle.

    1. Andrea Harris Post author

      You know by that “humble acceptance” no American wrote it. Then again, his parents are probably old enough to remember when Poland was still under Communist rule and had Soviet tanks waiting to crush any sign of resistance, so… I can’t wait for this guy to have kids, who will then turn around when they turn twenty-one and are thus Smarter Than Everyone Else and tell him they aren’t going to “humbly accept” life the way he did.

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