Snow Day 2012

After what, an entire virtually snowless winter, we finally got some snow. I took pictures, because I knew it would be gone by the end of the week if not sooner (it was just a storm that blew through). Here they are:

snow 1

A few more after the cut:

snow 2

snow 3

snow 4

5 thoughts on “Snow Day 2012

  1. Rocky

    That much snow would cripple my city. Of course that’s because the natives can’t drive in snow. And make no mistake, northern transplants are quick to point out that fact.
    To which I’ve been tempted to say, why don’t you publish a handbook titled, “How To Drive in Snow For Southerners.” I would buy one. 🙂

    1. Starless

      From what I’ve seen, those of us in the Snow Belt are, generally, better winter drivers, but you might be heartened to know that that’s not the case for the first few snowfalls of the season. Over the summer, many people seem to forget the slow-and-steady rule. And that’s really all your handbook needs to say: don’t drive fast, don’t turn suddenly, and if you start to spin out, for the love of god(!), the worst thing you can do is gun it.

      I know people who have lived in the North all of their lives who still haven’t figured out these basic rules.

    2. aelfheld

      Well, when it rarely snows (as is the case here in Texas) it’s not like there’s much opportunity to practice driving in the stuff.

      But, it’s funny to watch the more recent transplants from the North when we’ve got ice on the roads. It doesn’t take long at all for them to figure out that they’re no better at driving on it than the long-time residents.

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