Daily Archives: January 4, 2012

So cranky

I admit, having my car break down and have yet another expensive problem wasn’t on my radar, and it made me cranky. And I’m still cranky, because people won’t stop talking about something called “politics” which apparently involves people with names like “Ron Paul” and “Mitt Romney” and happened in some place called “Iowa.” Make it stop, God — send the asteroid.

Also, I’m cranky because I had had an idea for another story and had been planning to start work on it yesterday and now I can’t concentrate on that because I’m still flapping around the ceiling from the whole car thing. :mad: :mad: :mad:

Why we shouldn’t let Hollywood win us back

The folks over at Big Hollywood are worried that Tinsel Town is losing/has lost its audience. Well, since most of the “conservatives” who write for that site are working in and for said industry, or if they aren’t they apparently want to, I can see why they are concerned. However, I am not. The opening sentence states:

Hollywood is like a child, a spoiled child you can’t help loving but desperately want to see do and be better.

Nope. Not me. One of the advantages of never having had a child is my mind has never been clouded by whatever it is turns the brains of parents to mush, thus I have no trouble whatsoever not loving, or caring about the welfare of, someone else’s spoiled child. Get the brat out of my sight and shut it up.

Anyway, this is a list, so I’m going to do my favorite thing and take it apart item by item. To begin:

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