So, when do they appear on Wikileaks?

The administration of our illustrious leader, Barack H. Obama, has decided not to release the photos of the dead Bin Laden. This serves a two-fold purpose: to keep those wacko conspiracy theorists perking along in their Birther/Truther/Who Shot JFK? fantasy worlds (yes, the “it wasn’t really him, this was all a ruse towards getting the Won re-elected in 2012” stories have started to rise from the swamps); and it makes sure that regular Americans who might feel that the sight of the evil man that killed so many of our fellow citizens would give them closure feel like shit for thinking that way. In other words, it’s business as usual in Progressive Valley High.

Update: I feel compelled to clarify, I think the second part of the above is the main effect desired. Making the conspirazoids leap about is just extra. Obviously there’s an element that wouldn’t believe Bin Laden was killed May 1st if they were there. They’d say it was an actor, or some other Muslim dude in a beard.

But making normal Americans feel small and crappy? That’s the main aim of every single act of a progressive government. The citizenry is the enemy, a collection of unimaginative mundanes at best and a mob of ravening beasts at worst, who must always be kept controlled and at bay by their Betters. Those Betters, of course, being people like our illustrious Leader, his cabinet, and his shills in the media. They know the right thing to do. Obey and behave.

Second update: Abu Ghraib photo nasties good; pics of dead 9/11 mastermind bad. A constant diet of images of flag-draped coffins containing our war dead plus intrusive photos of grief-stricken relatives — good, because the American people have the Right To Know™. Even one grainy jpeg of a dead enemy leader — bad, because the American people don’t need to know.

8 thoughts on “So, when do they appear on Wikileaks?

  1. sheri

    I have no problem at all seeing the photo(s) and am seriously disappointed that we may not get to see them. For one thing, I paid good (tax) money to go after that asshole, and I want my trophy. Also, if we can watch people leap to their deaths and listen to thuds on live TV, we can certainly gaze upon a photo of whatever chunks are left of their murderer. Nope, won’t bother me a bit to stare at that. Not a bit.

  2. Steve Skubinna

    I think Cindy Sheehan might have won the wacko conspirazoid stakes. She was right out the gate with an impassioned Tweet or blog post or whatever to the effect of “WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!11!!eleventy!!” The burial at sea was the big tipoff for her, obviously it was to avoid having to produce a body.

    Like the government could round up some dead tall skinny dude, put him in PJs and, say, blow his head off?

    Anyway, the bloom is off the rose for Sheehan. she no longer hearts Obama. I’m guessing the split came five minutes after his inauguration when Gitmo was still open and Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were still not indicted. Gotta be hard work, being barking batshit insane.

    1. aelfheld

      When referring to Cindy Sheehan wouldn’t it be more appropriate to say ‘the nut is off the tree’?

  3. Tully

    Hey, this is the federal government we’re talking about. The photos will leak out soon.

    I remember in Bush’s first year in office he held a staff meeting held to sternly remind everyone that free-lance leakage to the press would not be tolerated. A near-complete transcript from “anonymous sources” was on the wire before the close of business.

  4. Dion

    About making us feel small and crappy:

    How many out of the last 1000 days have we been spared the condescending whistle of Dear Leader’s voice? Is there one single event or disaster in the last 1000 days that hasn’t been turned into an Oh! campaign poster? Is there a government project somewhere that doesn’t have His not quite red, white, and blue “O” campaign logo prominently displayed?


    One would almost literally have to crawl under a rock to avoid the incessant din of propaganda thanks to our new generation of inquisitive wOOdwards and bernstOOns. It might be worth a trip to North Korea or Venezuela just hear a different megalomaniacl

  5. happy Infidel

    Just watched some newly released vids of the “Great Satan” himself watching vids of himself.. Looks like he was in hell already.. Sitting on the floor in a scabrous dump, touque on, heavy blanket over his shoulders(no heat?)Rocking like the demented.. Sure didn’t look like he was enjoying himself. Huh!

  6. Steve Skubinna

    Okay, the reason we need to release the photos is very basic and simple and clear: because it will say “See this, you fucksticks? See what happens when you screw with us? To hell with your retarded religion and your pissy sensibilities, it’s far past time you worry about what the ‘American Street’ thinks of you!

    But because we have a mincing preening chickenshit narcissist pretending to be President, that will never happen. Not even Dubya, who craps bigger than Obama, had the stones to scare the living shit out of the neolithic death cultists.

    Put the photos out there, with the caption “IT COULD BE YOU NEXT!”

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