Let me see if I have this right

Let me see if I have this right: wars fought under Republican presidents are for bad things, like stealing oil from the nations we war on, getting more money for the fat-cats that own the War Machine™, and oppressing Brown Native Peoples™. Whereas wars fought under Democratic presidents are for good things, like getting rid of evil dictators with bad dress sense, helping the scrappy and grass-roots Rebels™ (who represent all that is good and right, of course) in those countries, and making sure no one can restrict the vital flow of oil which is needed to keep poor people warm. Just checking!

7 thoughts on “Let me see if I have this right

  1. Pedro the Ignorant

    Pretty much nailed it, Ma’am.

    Problem remains that young soldiers still get killed in action, and that the military is evolving into a family business, far divorced from the general population. This is not healthy in a democracy.

    1. Andrea Harris Post author

      I was going to say something sarcastic, but I’ll just note that you’re from Australia, which last time I checked was a different country from the US. So maybe we feel differently about our military here than “it’s a family business.” Just about everyone I’ve ever known has served at one time or other, and none of them are “divorced from the general population.” Instead, they are mostly what you’d regard as the general population. There is a very small subset of Americans — mostly urban, upper-middle-class, and academic — who have little to no experience of any fellow citizens who have been in the military. Unfortunately most of these people have somehow been put in charge of our media. This is why the news is so distorted and untrustworthy.

      Also, the second part of your comment was off-topic. My post was a sarcastic commentary on how the left in this country react to a war being fought depending on who is in charge, not a general invitation to talk about the horrors of war. I am well aware that young soldiers — and old officers, and civilians, and puppies and kitties — get killed in war. Rain gets people wet. This is not news.

  2. sheri

    Extraordinary hypocrisy, really. I just hope someone has the balls to call them on all of it (imagine the great TV ad that COULD — but probably won’t — be created) in the 2012 Presidential campaign. But, that would be “mean-spirited,” I suppose.

    1. Sigivald

      Like the usual suspects?

      Gotta hand it to them for consistency, at least.

      (Though in this case, it looks a lot more like “You’re supposed to ask us!!!! pretty please first”, not “it’s wrong and evil and bad”…)

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