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Re the “wilding” (which I’m surprised no one’s called it yet; let me be the first!) in Egypt of reporter Lara Logan, I don’t have must to say beyond that which has already been said. I just wanted to highlight this passage from R.S. McCain’s commentary on the matter, because I think it reaches beyond this event to what is basically wrong with the internet and modern society and the world:

Collective guilt and collective victimhood are, as Richard Weaver might have observed, ideas that have consequences. And one consequence is that people are constantly enraged at each other over distant events beyond their control.

(Bolds mine.) That’s perfect — it just sums up life, the universe, and everything, including why I just haven’t felt like venting much spleen here lately. Let’s face it: most of the shit that goes on in the world will go on whether we like it or not, and most of this “concern” we are supposed to have re Important World Events is just status-marking to the other members of our band of primates. I grow less and less concerned what people think of me as I grow older.

Anyway, I was sitting last night in the McDonald’s I sometimes go to after work, watching their widescreen tv which usually has CNN playing on it. There I got to see a delicious thing: Anderson Cooper putting the screws, so to speak, to leftist “journalist” Nir Rosen, whose attempted twitter-shaming of Lara Logan we’ve all heard of by now. I don’t think much of Cooper, but I have to give him points for goading Rosen (who I can’t believe actually agreed to this interview; swollen ego much?) into revealing more and more what a squirming worm he really is. My favorite part is how Rosen started bleating about how he is right now in the Middle East investigating reports of mistreatment of women by the Egyptian police. Yeah, when it comes to getting justice for abused women Nir Rosen is your man!

But that wasn’t the best part. After Cooper had dispensed with Rosen, he had on two ladies who I think are journalists or something. I didn’t catch one of the women’s full names (he called her “Joan”), but the other was Ashleigh Banfield. I think I’ve heard of her, don’t know much about her. Anyway, he was asking for their commentary on what they thought of Rosen’s anti-Logan utterances. As the two women emitted weaksauce “well, we thought what he wrote was horrible But™ we don’t want to judge out of context and Nir Rosen has done such good work on Salon and blah blah blah…” Cooper’s face was quite the study. I’ll pause to note that they kept flashing photos of the pretty blond Lara Logan up on the screen. Now the two ladies were neither of them that bad looking but the Joan woman was obviously older and Banfield looked like a parody of Sarah Palin, with her low swept bangs and thick-rimmed Glasses of Seriousness. Anyway, as I said listening to the two women kind of sort of not exactly but almost defending Nir Rosen, who is a contender for Misogynist Of The Year, I said Anderson Cooper’s face was quite the study. I can almost hear the conversation he had with his boyfriend when he got home: “I mean did you see that? What the fuck? I’m glad I’m gay. Bitches ain’t shit!”

8 thoughts on “Quote of the Century

  1. aelfheld

    In the Leftard universe Muslim trumps gay, womyn, whatever. When Banfield & Co are immured in burqahs they’ll still be making excuses for their masters behaviour.

  2. Steve Skubinna

    Ah, the damning “but.” You hear it from leftists all of the time, although they surely don’t have a lock on it. But when I hear it, as in “Of course 9/11 was a tragedy, but…” I know it’s time to stop listening, that the speaker is an amoral asswipe, a prime example of the definition of a liberal as “somebody so broad minded he won’t even take his own side in an argument.”

    Pallid chickenshit wussie hiding behind the skirts of anyone with a spine, enjoying the benefits of a Western Civilization he sneers at and pretends to hold in contempt, all the while knowing it’s the only civilization that not only will tolerate him but shower him with riches and status. Contemptible cringing worms posing as educated sophisticates. May they die. In a fire.

    Which would be tragic, but

    1. kc

      I learned a lot of things from my dad, many of which are forgotten today. He died nearly 20 years ago but now and then I hear his voice…

      “Everything after the ‘but’ is bullshit.”

  3. david foster

    Yeah, it’s interesting: if you look at the *expressed* values of the “progressives,” it would seem that they are at least 179 degrees opposite those of the radical/aggressive Islamists. Yet it is those same “progressives” who are most eager to make excuses for, and even glamorize, the assorted terrorists and dictators.

    See my post the perfect enemy for more thoughts on this.

    1. Andrea Harris Post author

      Nowhere in that column by Glenn Greenwald* is there any proof that her demotion and firing was due to her statements.

      *Who is an anti-Bush, anti-war, anti-conservative, liberal shill. And you linked to Salon. I guess I’m going to have to put back the links to my archives, aren’t I.

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