Iron fist in a velvet glove

The worst thing about this story, that I haven’t so far seen anyone pick up on, is the fact that this organization, Velvet Revolution, which was started by a convicted drug smuggler and terrorist, and which advocates violence against Bush administration officials and other leftist hate-targets in this country, appropriated its name from the 1989 non-violent revolution in Czechoslovakia that saw the overthrow of that country’s communist government.

Also their website is hideously designed.

4 thoughts on “Iron fist in a velvet glove

  1. Tully

    It gets better. The convicted bomber, drug smuggler, perjurer, and suspected murderer has now threatened to sue Patterico unless Patterico takes down his article on Kimberlin.

    Patterico (a prosecutor in real life) is somewhat less than intimidated.

  2. Sigivald

    He should sue.

    Think of all the stuff his opponent could find in discovery… and put in the public record.

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