And now for something completely horrendous

I watched the video.

I didn’t want to. I’d read enough about it that I had a pretty good idea of what it contained, and after watching it, I knew that I had not been misinformed. It is thoroughly as vile as everyone is saying. Now I’m not going to go into the pros and cons of carbon footprint amelioration, though I will mention that rendering live human bodies into dead splattered gobbets isn’t exactly a good way to rid the earth of excess carbon; after all, that splattered flesh will decay and give off nasty gasses, and cleaning up dead bodies from indoor environments usually involves harsh chemical cleaners. Well, it does in a sensible, normal world anyway, and the world depicted in this moment of vile film is by no means a normal one. Perhaps the world the 10:10 group wants to bring about will be one where classrooms and offices begored with the rotting remains of dissenters from consensus are considered normal.

But the hypocritical “green” propaganda (even the making of a small promotional commercial like this one has a bigger carbon footprint than, say, that of a kid who gets driven to his school instead of taking the bus or walking) and the gory special effects don’t bother me as much as the fact that the dissenters were blown up after everyone else had cheerfully acquiesced to getting involved in the carbon-footprint-lowering efforts. So you see, this was not so much a threat to those of us who may look at all this carbon-footprint AGW green nonsense as, well, nonsense — or if it was, it was merely as an afterthought. No, the main targets of this propaganda piece were the new joiners to the anti-carbon-life-forms movement themselves. And that message was: don’t even think of backing out now. In other words, it’s the same treatment totalitarian groups throughout history have meted out to their minions. I don’t know about the entire environmental movement, but this 10:10 group (many internet commenters have pointed out, BTW, that the “reduce everyone’s carbon footprint by 10%” is sure easily taken care of by the Roman practice of decimation) is yet another leftist, Marxist in method if not in philosophy, totalitarian organization.

But that’s not what worries me. What worries me is the large amount of money behind these people, and the influence their members and supporters have — which comes from the large amount of money. And they are partially subsidized by the British government too, yay — more money. And Richard Curtis is a popular, even beloved movie director and scriptwriter (among other things he wrote the Vincent and the Doctor episode for the most recent season of Doctor Who, an episode I have not yet seen and now may never see because how could I enjoy it now?). And there also many popular celebrities signed on with this and seem to think its message is a-okay, though how they plan to have a career once the New Green Regime takes over I have no idea. So we have a combination of money and popularity being used to promote conformity enforced by fear of bloody death. I have been asking myself what were they thinking and but I’m not really sure I want to know.

By the way — no, it’s not satire in the great British tradition of Monty Python or even in Curtis’ own Blackadder; those shows poked fun at authority, conformity, and stupidity. This video celebrates authority: the ones who get the red button are 1) a teacher, 2) a member of upper management if not the CEO of a company, 3) a group of footballers against one lone man, and 4) a soundman at the control booth of a studio where Gillian Andersen’s character is behind glass, vulnerable to a seat rigged with explosives. Where is the authority and the conformity being mocked? Some might say that the piece mocks the stupidity of going against such an “obvious” problem as climate change, but how is killing the supposedly “stupid” people supposed to bring them around to the “correct” viewpoint? The answer is that it isn’t; the 10:10 group isn’t interested in changing anyone’s mind, only eliminating those who aren’t on board, and if you aren’t already on board that means you have already been placed in the ranks of the unredeemable. In a way this goes beyond conventional totalitarian movements, who at least seek to bring dissenters into the fold instead of just killing them at the first sign of dissent.

(Posted everywhere because I am that appalled.)

Update, 10-4-2010: as they start shedding backers, the 10:10 people seem to be taking the critical fallout a teensy bit more seriously. Not enough to wake up and realize just what sort of totalitarian waters they’ve sailed into, though — the panic seems mostly at the idea of losing monetary support and big name influence. Too bad.

24 thoughts on “And now for something completely horrendous

  1. Marc

    This (the video) revolted my Catholic moral sensibility, such as it is, but I didn’t spend time thinking about it after seeing it; very glad to see your thoughtful post this morning. Thanks!

    1. ak4mc

      Your addendum to your question answers it. They are — of course! — the only part of the human race worth saving. The rest of us a red-button fodder.

  2. Steve Skubinna

    It was as vile as everyone was saying? Perhaps I’m an optimist, but when I got around to watching it, I thought it was far worse. Perhaps that’s due to the intellectual exercise of imagining the action paling next to the visceral one of watching the gore spatter.

    We must not let them off the hook. This is not an “oops.” These people really do march in such ideological lockstep that nobody involved suggested that maybe they were crossing a line. James Lee was NOT a lone, isolated nut. He drank deeply of this witch’s brew.

    There are others out there, whose contribution to the debate will not be confined to making excrutiatingly unfunny snuff films – there are people right now working on how to get cholera into the water supply or sarin intot he atmosphere.

  3. aelfheld

    Whoops. Meant to put that quote in italics. Not that any emphasis is needed, but it’s the look of the thing.

  4. aelfheld

    I’ve yet to comprehend why anyone is surprised to hear that Osama bin Laden has glommed onto the global warming *whoops* climate change *whoops* global climate disruption scam. Totalitarianism by any other name – Socialism, Communism, Environmentalism, Islamism, &c – still stinks of the corpses that are its legacy and its future.

  5. Michael Lonie

    It is supposed to persuade people to agree with the Environazis. Fear of death is a great persuader. Just look at all the people in the USSR who were persuaded to support Stalin’s policies. And even if they don’t agree, at least the dissenters will shut up for fear of death. It works to a surprisingly large degree for the Muslims.

    1. Andrea Harris Post author

      If that is true then why has it backfired so spectacularly? Even a lot of environuts are saying “you went too far.” True, their concern is probably mostly over the bad publicity this is giving the green movement, but it’s still disapproval. And as for the masses that are supposed to be so easily cowed, where are they? I’m reading a lot of “I’m going to have to toss my Blackadder collection.” That’s pretty serious, because Blackadder fans are right up there with Doctor Who fans in the intensity of their affection.

      Western civilization still has some spine left, it seems. We don’t like being pushed around by bullies. Oh, we’ll give in here and there — until the bully lets the mask slip. We’re not Muslims, most of whom come from countries where the population is used to being ruled by fear. That’s just not done here; not yet.

    2. aelfheld

      Generally the totalitarians don’t start talking about ‘removing’ their opponents until after they’ve got a firm grasp on power.

      BTW, ‘Envirocommies’ would be a more accurate descriptor – their goal is international totalitarianism, not national.

  6. musical mountaineer

    I don’t think there’s much anyone can say about it that not obvious from the thing itself. Duh, it’s disgusting, it’s not a joke it’s a Freudian slip, it really is their fantasy, etc.

    What’s most disturbing to me is that they did the red-button gag not once, but four times in the movie, and ended with the bloody bits sliding down the glass, another shocking visual. Once would be more than too much for most people, and after the first time you know what’s going to happen anyway. Four times plus, well…that’s a big appetite you’ve got there.

    1. Steve Skubinna

      I’d categorize this as a Kinsleyan Gaffe: when a person inadvertently says what he really thinks.

    2. Patrick Chester

      At the risk of being “just as bad” as they are, my thought was to have the authority figure press the button, then blow up. Afterwards one of the dissenters smirks and says something like:

      “Oh dear, it’s almost as if someone hacked the targeting system of the magic button. How terrible.”

      Of course, I tend to like poetic justice/hoist upon one’s own petard sort of endings for disgusting people so that’s just me.

  7. Tully

    A Kinsley gaffe, indeed.

    Few Greens will admit that their agenda desires (hell, requires) the deaths of millions or billions of human beings. They just don’t want the inevitable pain or their prescriptions to apply to them. Witness their penchant for private jets and carbon-spewing enviro-summits in exotic locales …

    I have made it a practice that whenever I encounter an hnest-to-goodness “racial reduction” Greenie to offer them a plastic bag and a rubber band, and ask them to demonstrate their sincerity by removing themselvves as part of the problem. Despite my sincere promise to recycle the bag & band, I hvae yet to get a single taker.

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  9. Oldcat

    It used to be one of my observations that you could never discuss policy of any type with a liberal without the guns coming out in the first five minutes. Usually its the we will tax – what if I don’t pay – cops will shoot you connection.

    The problem comes from the fact that liberal ideas are religion to them, and adhered to by faith. Disagreement is heresy, and films like this are the equivalent of an old time fundamentalist saying you will go to hell for what you think.

  10. Susan B.

    I have not watched this whole video. I only saw the first part — where children are blown up by the teacher for not conforming — as aired on Red Eye. That was enough for me. I see this as a tremendous footbullet for the envirofascists. It smells of desperation. More people are skeptical of the AGW hype since Climategate. They are trying to scare people into conforming, but they only succeeded in pissing people off even more.

    1. aelfheld

      The Left in general has been shooting itself in the extremities for ages: considering their ongoing absorption of pretty much everything, it doesn’t seem to have impeded them one d—-d bit.

  11. JonathanStrange

    My first thought was the video was done by an Anti-Global Warming group to exaggerate and parody Global Warming true believersl; making them seem fanatical and potentially dangerous to non-believer. Like those other fanatics we’re told to respect, honor and assimilate into.

    It’s actually scarier to contemplate that the 10:10 group thought they were doing some that outsiders would apppreciate: you’ll blow up our kids, kill us, our friends for not cooperating? Yeah, we’ve not reached that point yet. Have we?

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