Ticket to ride

Four new tires. That was the latest car expense, as of today. But now driving my car doesn’t feel like I’m pedaling it through mud. In fact, I found myself going ten miles over the speed limit on the expressway home tonight — which isn’t good, I try to drive the speed limit. So I kept having to slow down.

Anyway, I needed the tires — the old ones were on their last bit of tread, and I drive too much these days to risk bald tires or cheap retreads like I used to when I lived in Miami. Fortunately the tiny tires my car takes aren’t that expensive. But I’ll be watching my pennies for a while.

In other news: seven attempts to upgrade my WordPress install via the automatic thingie failed today, probably because everyone is trying to do the same thing. So I gave up and downloaded the files and at some point this weekend will be doing it the old-fashioned way. So if at some point you get to this site and get some weird message or something, it’s probably just me deleting old files and uploading new ones so wait a few minutes and try again.

In other news, I have the day off tomorrow, so I’ve decided to bathe the cat. She’s getting that “stinky cat” smell. Also it will piss her off which is hilarious. I may film her with my Kodak all damp and angry.* Heh heh. I’ve become extremely bored with the internet, so I may actually do some real reading of paper books, or may work on one of the several stories I have cooking. Or I may just sleep all day.

*Just added to clarify: my Kodak will not be damp and angry; my cat will. My Kodak is actually rather placid, even sluggish at times. If I got it damp, however, it would probably be sort of… well, dead, as it is not the waterproof model. I will not get my Kodak damp.

9 thoughts on “Ticket to ride

  1. sheri

    I’m bored with the internet too. Extremely so. Present site excepted.

    Every time I’ve EVER tried to use the “automatic” update feature from within the WP admin area, it has failed. Every. Time. I don’t even bother trying to do it that way anymore. I do it by hand, and I check the “changed files” page in the WP codex to make sure I don’t miss something.

    Not only does auto-update FAIL, it will sometimes leave a “maintenance” file in your root directory and that file apparently causes your blog to go black-evil-message until you delete that file. Oh and who the hell cares about this, really? Why do I leave stupid comments like this? Why?

    Don’t answer that.

  2. ak4mc

    I ended up doing it the old-fashioned way yesterday. WP needs to fix their auto-update thing, I’d guess.

    One of the times I tried to use auto-update it left a “site down for maintenance” message behind, but I replaced that index.php file with the old one I had on my own computer (a trick I learned while using ExpressionEngine; always keep a backup copy of the files on your site, for just such an emergency) and my site reopened right up.

  3. Andrea Harris Post author

    No “site down for maintenance” or missing blog but I do get this ugly yellow nag message in my admin screen that I presume will go away once I finish updating. I’ve actually had the update work a handful of times, but it’s intermittent. I don’t know if it’s the WordPress servers’ fault or mine.

    1. Andrea Harris Post author

      Oh how bizarre: if you click on the actual image in that post (which is just an attachment post from my gallery) it leads you to another image in my gallery, a watercolor I did some years ago. Not that I mind, but what a bizarre glitch. I supposed I should tell the WordPress folk about it if it’s still there when I finish updating… Anyway, to see the full image, click on the link that says “full 1024 x 768 size.” Or whatever it says.

    2. Andrea Harris Post author

      Oh I see now — clicking on an image takes you to the next image in the gallery. (There are even links at the bottom of each photo to the previous and next image. Didn’t notice it before.) Boy do I have a lot of random images. I can’t even remember why I uploaded some of them.

  4. sheri

    The “site down for maintenance” thing is what I was referring to in my comment. It’s actually a small file left in your root folder sometimes when you try using the auto-update thing in admin area. If you delete that file (called “maintenance” something, cleverly enough), the maintenance-error-splashscreen goes away and all is well again.

    1. Andrea Harris Post author

      I will look for it. On the other hand, keeping the nag message there will at least bother me until I do update. Sometimes I get lazy. (Yes, it’s true!)

  5. CGHill

    Weirdly, the auto-update function has worked well for me since 2.8.0. I dunno why I should be so blessed, unless it’s because the host upgraded some of the hardware in the past year or so. (WordPress tends to be a memory hog on a shared server, but I’m using only a third of what I’m allowed.)

  6. Lynn

    Wet cat pictures are always fun. My cats don’t get angry when I bathe them. During the bath they try to run away but after the bath, while they’re still all wet, they always want to cuddle. (“I forgive you, mommy. Please hold me.” – “Eewww. Get away from me you’re all wet.”)

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