President Obama has solved everything

This president knows what everyone needs, unlike all those other presidents who didn’t know jack. He knows that what we need to solve all our problems is for us to help Muslims feel good about their contributions to science and stuff. Because Lord knows they never brag about the way they invented numbers and math and never grouse and complain about how they aren’t getting enough credit for basically inventing everything.* Yep, what Muslims need is more self-esteem.

And in other news, the First Lady does her part to make Muslim women feel better about wearing burkas.

We’re so lucky to have elected the smartest couple in the world to be our Dear Leader.

*Afternoon update: I thought I’d just add that this is supposed to be sarcastic. I realize that the Muslims didn’t “invent” any of the stuff they are always saying they did. It was actually the Russians who invented everything. It’s true. Just ask Ensign Chekhov. What do you mean he’s not real?

14 thoughts on “President Obama has solved everything

    1. Spud

      I heard about this about a year ago, but apparently Mr. Koenig was hired to be a “babe magnet”, a cute young face for the gals. At that time Star Trek was competing with shows like the Partridge Family and David Cassidy, so Walter was brought on board. Apparently Kirk/Shatner didn’t poll too well with the younger females. Go figure.

    2. ak4mc

      “The Partridge Family,” Spud??? A show that was cancelled in 1969 needed to compete with a show that debuted in 1970?

      Actually, Koenig and his haircut were hired because he looked like a Monkee. Ask Marcia Brady which one.

  1. nightfly

    When Hamas sends someone to the moon to blow himself up next to one of our LEM’s, maybe NASA will have something to discuss with them. Until then, Buzz Aldrin has a message for you on his boot, and he’s about to break it off in yer rump.

  2. kc

    Just ask Ensign Chekhov. What do you mean he’s not real?

    Ensign Chekov is every bit as Real as the paper cut-outs that are our sorry excuse for a First Family.

  3. JeffS

    On a more serious note, the Muslim culture has added very little of value to science and engineering since at least the 7th Century. Although, as a friend pointed out to me, there is an argument that they have added considerably to weapons technology, especially in regards to suicide vests and improvised explosive devices.

    None the less, I fail to see the value of using NASA to stroke a culture which imports all of its technology, and virtually all of its technicians, engineers, and scientists. The few Muslims that I’ve known to study science and engineering usually went back home to manage the technical aspects of the family business.

  4. Michael Lonie

    My favorite Chekhov line was this. Kirk made some comment about the Garden of Eden. Then he said “You know about Eden, don’t you, Mr. Chekhov?”

    “Yes sir. Is small town outside Moskva.”

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