Haven’t changed, haven’t got much to say

But man I still think them cats are crazy — the Russians, that is. The news that a passel of Russian spies right out of an old Joseph Conrad novel have been arrested made my brain go over all nostalgic. I have no idea what they could be spying for these days — if my spam filter activity is any indication, it’s for ways to get their Russian bride porn sites ranked higher on Google. I don’t even know what their government’s political ideology is these days; as far as I can tell it seems to be “fuck the rules, we’re old KGB agents.” I think that Russians just like to spy; being all secretive and stuff is just part of their culture. So we should be okay with it in the name of Diversity. Or else maybe they miss the old Cold War days as much as we do. You know, back when we had an enemy we could hang with and occasionally have sex with. You can’t hang with a Muslim jihadist fanatic, much less have sex with him.

Okay. That’s all I want to say about contemporary events. Instead, let’s talk about me! Well, I’ve been working two jobs in two different towns and two different counties this past week and will be next week after this holiday. Not that I’m complaining — in the New Depression, you don’t complain if you have work. And it’s part time jobs so I’m only part way dead.

But it’s the holiday break, kids! Which means I get some time off. I vowed to get back to writing. Yesterday was a start: I went to a Starbucks in my in-between-jobs time and wrote (on paper with pencil, though apparently Starbucks now has free wifi so if I wanted to tote it around I could take the laptop next time). What did I write about? Well, it starts off being about a guy in a coffee shop trying to write a story about a guy in a coffee shop trying to write. Yes, that’s right — I sat in a coffee shop writing about someone in a coffee shop writing about someone in a coffee shop writing. Possibly about someone in a coffee shop writing. Actually, though, I think I got some neat dialogue going which is my weak point.

Today the Green Valley Book Fair opened again and of course I bought books. I’d like to say “stay tuned for some book reviews” but that looks too much like a promise I’ll have to keep and you know how I am about promising to write here. I do write some things, though — for example, I wrote another post about Doctor Who. Well it’s not like I’m going to write about anything trivial, like politics or the looming collapse of Western Culture. I will make one observation though: I think Doctor Who takes place in a parallel world where there are no Muslims. I’ve never seen one portrayed in any single episode of the old or new series — though the film crew did manage to miss editing out a shot of a rubbish bin (as the call them over there) with a bilingual English and Arabic sign on it. If you want to know it’s in the episode Smith and Jones. You’re welcome.

10 thoughts on “Haven’t changed, haven’t got much to say

  1. Marc

    Is that DrW ep. somehow related to the television series Alias Smith and Jones? (which I have recently rediscovered). Since I cannot interest myself in DrW, alas, it would be nice to have found even such a tenuous connection…. Happy Independence Day holiday! And, by the way, can you tell me off the top of your head how I get into the WP commenting system to change e.g. my photo avatar thingey? I don’t use WP except for having had to sign up for the commenting function here and on other WP-based sites.

    1. Andrea Harris Post author

      The title might be a callback to that show or to the British comedy Alas Smith and Jones. It does explain the arbitrary decision to give the companion character we get introduced to in the episode “Martha Jones.” (The Doctor uses the human name “John Smith” when he wants to pass as human, at least on 20th and 21st century Earth in the United Kingdom part of the planet. So far he doesn’t seem to have made up a pseudonym for use on any other planet or in any other time period, probably because for budget reasons they like to keep him in present-day Blighty. That Tardis uses an awful lot of petrol.)

    2. Andrea Harris Post author

      Re the WordPress thing. You should be able to log on at WordPress.com and change your avatar there. They use the Gravatar system for avatar storage, I believe. You can change your photo in both places. If you’re already signed into WordPress.com just go there and click on the “my account” area of the login bar, and pick your profile page. You can change the avatar there.

  2. sheri

    I think you’re right, they’re spying out of sheer habit, because surely they could just Google anything they wanted to know about our ‘secret’ stuff and find out in a few seconds. A map with a pic would come up in Google Maps, too. Helpful. “Here are the secrets. Search for nearby restaurants.”

    Have you been to the Spy Museum in DC? Talk about waxing nostalgic for Spy vs. Spy.

    1. kc

      That’s so true, Sheri. I hadn’t got as far as ‘just Google it’ yet, but I was thinking any Russian spy worth his/her salt only has to read the New York Times. The ones that are ‘caught’ now must be seriously inept!

  3. aelfheld

    The Russians were spying for the same reason any country spies – to find out what the other country is up to. That’s why it’s a dead certainty that any country with an intelligence service has spies in the U.S. (whether we have spies in other countries is another matter).

    “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” And keep an eye on the lot.

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