Video killed the video star

Update June 15th, both via Instapundit. You can get the video Youtube banned here, and Paypal apologized to Pam Geller (however, too late).

Youtube seems to have gone into a lefty-dhimmi-pc frenzy lately. Their most recent antics are pulling the video mocking the “Peace” Fauxtilla, and now a video showing a Tea Party protester getting punched in the face by a left-wing thug. (Here’s a video of the incident that is still up, probably because it’s not on Youtube. Hey, that’s a nice car being driven by the “socialist union activist.” Being a fighter for economic justice sure pays well.) Anyway, for some reason that video was apparently too much for the delicate sensibilities over at Youtube, who paused from their viewing of their usual intellectual, erudite fare to clutch their pearls and have the vapors.

So I guess I won’t be linking to any Youtube videos anymore. I know — how will they survive without my support? Related: PayPal is starting to take the ax to any websites that don’t have the Correct viewpoint. So I think I’ll be looking for another donation service. I’ve just found out about Gpal and some people seem pleased with them. I’ve actually been wanting to get rid of PayPal for a long time, but they used to be the only reliable service of their kind that I knew about.

Update, June 14: more on this (Youtube’s and Paypal’s shenanigans, not my doings with my little blog) from Mark Steyn. Also — looks like I’m serious about this, I actually removed the Paypal logo. I know! It’s like I’m jumping off a cliff without a parachute, man.

5 thoughts on “Video killed the video star

  1. aelfheld

    Google & PayPal are both counting on the fact that those in opposition to the Mad Muhammedans aren’t likely to hack off their heads.

  2. JonathanStrange

    YouTube’s not even bothering to make a serious attempt to conceal their cowardice and/or their leftist sympathies. A damn shame, but what can one do?

  3. musical mountaineer

    I started to watch that video you linked, the one about the top athletes you wouldn’t want to sleep with. But I didn’t bother to watch it through because I didn’t like the chemistry of that chick and that dude and I knew they’d all be sumo wrestlers anyway. I really don’t follow sumo all that closely.

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