Eating Your Way To Hell

One common argument liberals use when asserting that we should give in to the forces of “diversity” is to point at some tony urban area that has at least one Ethiopian restaurant and say “See? If not for Diversity™ the only restaurants we’d have would be Denny’s and McDonalds!” In other words, liberals are focused mainly on their stomachs. The idea of being in a city without a decent Thai restaurant drives them frantic. As long as they can point to a Cambodian eatery or a Syrian café in their town they can reassure themselves that they are among the civilized. Their greatest fear is to be stuck in some flyover burg where the only food available is exactly like the stuff they were raised on in their bland, white, upper middle class childhoods.

And now they have perhaps the ultimate dining experience available: the Conflict Kitchen. I’ll let the quotation speak for itself:

“Conflict Kitchen is a take-out restaurant that only serves cuisine from countries that the United States is in conflict with. The food is served out of a take-out style storefront, which will rotate identities every 4 months to highlight another country. Each Conflict Kitchen iteration will be augmented by events, performances, and discussion about the the culture, politics, and issues at stake with each county (sic) we focus on.”

At last, an eatery that serves not just foreign food but status upgrades for white, upper middle class liberals. I’m sure it will be a resounding success.

8 thoughts on “Eating Your Way To Hell

  1. aelfheld

    Yeah, most restaurant patrons want “events, performances, and discussion about the the culture, politics, and issues at stake” with their take-out.

  2. ak4mc

    Right. I’ll pay through the nose to buy food I won’t have any appetite for once I’ve finished listening to the political harangues.

    “Hello, Domino’s?”

  3. Sonic Charmer

    The lefty conception of “culture” is surface-deep, confined primarily to food and (albeit it rarely goes this far) clothing. Part of the appeal of lefty status-upgrades is that they are so easy to adopt and wear on your sleeve. For example, all you really have to do is go out for Pad Thai once a month, and bang, you’re “diverse” and “appreciate other cultures” and have the right to look down on folks who don’t. It’s really that easy.

    But the other dimension to a lefty craving for “diversity” is that they want certain sections of their city decorated with a certain critical-mass of nonwhites, to pad their self-esteem. Not necessarily the sections they actually live in, mind you (lefties rarely seem interested in going to live in Harlem…), but a section (like a shopping district or a section with lots of restaurants/clubs) they reckon they might feel like visiting. They may or may not even actually go there often, but such a district not being in their city would still bother them and they would agitate for policies deemed to support such a place.

    This place doesn’t really sound like it would appeal to nonwhites of any stripe though (except those who hang out with whites, and you’d think even they might be somewhat embarrassed…everyone around the table looking at them, apologizing for whatever conflict, constantly nodding their heads understandingly…). So in its very conception and description it’s almost obvious that it’s a place for white people to go to: the genius of it, finally a ‘diverse’ place designed and appealing primarily to whites!

    1. ak4mc

      The lefty definition of anything is surface-deep. Example: “diversity.” Try to expand that word to include “ideas” or “opinions” and you’ll still be limited to ideas and opinions about surface-deep subjects.

  4. JeffS

    I see a way for McDonald’s to make eve more billions — borrow menus from their overseas restaurants. Instant leftie attraction guaranteed,

  5. SPQR

    Left wing eateries can be pretty comical … and short lived. I once went to a “cooperative” cafe in Boulder. Took forever to get my food while the Kitchen Soviet debated my fitness to eat.

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