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I woke up with a sinus headache this morning, so until it goes away this is all you’re getting.

Britain no longer wants to be ‘America’s poodle’ – But — but… after all the cute little collars and everything we bought you! The ingratitude… Seriously, with all the bitching and moaning we’ve gotten from across the pond, I’m beginning to kind of wish Tony Blair hadn’t supported us in the whole Afghanistan/Iraq venture either.

I haven’t said anything about the Ann Coulter fracas in Canada because, well, I haven’t said much of anything about anything lately — but when you scroll way down on Kathy’s blog to this entry you will find the following hilarious quote, which I will requote:

“I was just worried that things were going to be said about certain groups of people that were going to make them feel very unsafe and very uncomfortable and we promise our students here at the University of Ottawa a safe, positive space,” said Rita Valeriano, a second-year sociology and women’s studies student.

Considering what fragile, delicate flowers Canadian university students apparently are, this scenario came to mind: (Female student activist to reporter) “I just want my safe space!” she screamed, body slamming the reporter into the corridor wall, “Ann Coulter makes me feel very uncomfortable!” Then she broke the reporter’s camera over his head.

Have you read about the way Obama has been treating non-Muslim world leaders lately? The Dalai Lama scooted out the back door past the garbage bags, Israel’s Netanyahu given the Mean Girls treatment… what is this, high school? Oh right, never mind.

I rarely read the pro-news media, preferring to get my news pre-filtered by my (f)rightwing lords and masters via their blogs, but I’m bored so here’s something important off one of Fox News’ offshoots: healthy chocolate cupcakes! What’s the main ingredient? Canned, sliced beets — the scourge of my childhood. What, they couldn’t be bothered to at least use fresh beets, which are marginally less disgusting and probably a lot healthier? Recipe fail.

Added later: “Dozens of people!” showed up to the Tea Party rally in Searchlight, Nevada, CNN claims. Thank god for the professional news media. How would we know anything without them?

7 thoughts on “I comment on current affairs

  1. Anne B.

    I hate beets too. Didn’t help that my mother’s notion of cooking them was to open the cans, dump their contents into a pot, and let them boil. OTOH I don’t think beets as a cake ingredient need be any more disgusting than carrot or zucchini; in fact that might be the only sensible use for them, other than as hog feed.

    And yeah, just when you think Affirmative Action Student Council President Barry can’t get any more embarrassing…ugh. He hates this country and most of the people in it, and he thinks that crapping on our allies and sucking up to the Iranians will gain him … what? That they’ll graciously exempt him, by name, on the next Death to America Day? That they’ll praise him and pat him on the back in public?

    I wonder if he will ever wake up to what he’s gotten himself into. Gotta admit that I’d pay good money to be there, watching, when it happens.

  2. kc

    I’m one of the mutants – I like beets. Even the canned ones (though boiling those seems overkill somehow). Always have. It’s a burden, but there ya go.

    Now that that confession is out, I also would pay GOOD money to see BarryO’s come-uppance. Unfortunately, I don’t believe he will ever see ‘what he’s gotten himself into.’ He will only see how badly he’s been wronged by the country he wants to make SO much better.

    What a maroon.

  3. JeffS

    Your link to Gateway Pundit is teh broak. Try this instead.

    And as one commenter at Gateway noted: “Worse than Pravda…sheesh”

    1. Andrea Harris Post author

      Argh, thought I’d fixed that — that’ll show me to use the visual editor in WordPress instead of the HTML editor.

      Okay, now it’s fixed. I even checked.

  4. Lynn

    OMG! Beets?? I think I need to go wash my brain. I’m not going to be able to do anything else today because no matter what I try to do I’m going to keep thinking “OMG! Beets? In chocolate cupcakes?”

  5. Pedro the Ignorant

    You can have my canned beets when you pry them from my cold dead hands.
    Particularly good on hamburgers and corned beef sandwiches.

  6. Gregoryno6

    Britain doesn’t want to be America’s poodle any more? Let them go. They’re halfway to being the Muslim world’s bitch anyhow.
    Australia meanwhile will stand with the USofA. Without America we’d be stuck with annoying celebs like Russell Crowe and Nickers Kidman full time. You’re like the distant cousins to whom we send the kids when we need a break.

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