Mean Girls

Charles Johnson reveals, at last, why he has “parted ways with the right.” As I suspected it’s a collection of the common lefty slurs (the Tea Parties were packs of racists bearing Obama-as-witch-doctor posters, rightwingers are godbothering science haters, Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Sarah Palin!) as well as some stuff out of even farther left-field (Sarah Palin is a homophobe? Why, because she’s a woman instead of a transsexual?). Naturally, he gives no links to prove his assertions that, say, Robert Spencer is a mindless advocate of genocide against Muslims, or anything else. It’s all that “you just know this is true, come on.” Well, I hope it’s warm and comfy in the Inner Ring for Chucks, and that the vegetarian canapés and organic fair trade wine are worth the price of admission.

Added: some commentary.

12 thoughts on “Mean Girls

  1. musical mountaineer

    You heard it here first: if Chuck’s credibility gets any lower, CBS will re-hire Dan Rather!

  2. JonathanStrange

    Charles Johnson paints with such broad brush strokes that I can’t take him seriously. I’m not a particular fan of many of his targets but Johnson’s exaggerated accusations have month ago driven me from visiting LGF with any intent other than to see who he’s denouncing this week.

  3. Andrea Harris Post author

    Well I just happened to see the post on Althouse about it, and I was curious to see if he was going to be at all truthful about it (“face it, I just can’t hack it alone out here on the Left Coast; I was getting gigs cancelled!”), or if he was just going to post the usual scurrilous bullshit on how “those wingnuts are too mean for us nice peepul!” As I expected, it was the bullshit. Otherwise, I haven’t visited his site in years.

  4. John Weidner

    “Principle is a better test of heresy than doctrine. Heretics are true to their principles, but change to and fro, backwards and forwards, in opinion; for very opposite doctrines may be exemplifications of the same principle. Thus the Antiochenes and other heretics sometimes were Arians, sometimes Sabellians, sometimes Nestorians, sometimes Monophysites, as if at random, from fidelity to their common principle, that there is no mystery in theology. Thus Calvinists become Unitarians from the principle of private judgment. The doctrines of heresy are accidents and soon run to an end; its principles are everlasting…

  5. Rick C

    I’m not quite sure when he went crazy, but he seems to be doing it the same way Sullivan (another person on my “people still read him?” list) did.

    Andrea, Charles’ assertion that Robert Spencer is a raving Islamophobe involves the fact that Robert won’t disavow Vlaams Belang and the like enough for his (Charles’) taste. And yeah, that IS the same Robert Spencer that he used to link to approvingly.

    I heard a line in a movie or maybe read it somewhere, a long time ago, where someone was giving advice to someone else, and said that if more than 3 people you know are stark raving assholes, it’s equally likely that you are the problem.

    1. Andrea Harris Post author

      Good thing I don’t “know” Charles Johnson (or Andrew Sullivan — yeah, I used to read him too, years ago, before he went over the edge) in any sense of the word.

      PS: forgot to add, I’m pretty sure that Charlie’s been with Spencer is that Spencer is right, and Charlie is wrong; claiming it’s all about Vlaams Belang is just the cover.

    2. JP Gibb

      I used to visit daily between late ’02 and the middle of this year, and you could see the change in the period leading up to the election. My read is that after the PUMA thing failed to materialize, he saw nothing was going to stop Dear Leader’s ascendency, and decided being *conservative wasn’t going to bring the traffic anymore, and he started drifting left. McCain choosing Sarah put him over the edge though, and he started repudiating anything and anyone on the **right.

      * CJ never was a conservative, like Joe Liberman, he just supported the WOT.
      ** That list is straight out of the D.U.MB or Kos. You’ll find more Truthers or Moon Hoaxers than people who believe the crap on it.

  6. Rick C

    Good thing I don’t “know” Charles Johnson (or Andrew Sullivan — yeah, I used to read him too, years ago, before he went over the edge) in any sense of the word.

    Well, yeah, but I didn’t mean that to apply to you, but to either of them.

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