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I‘ve lost thirty pounds since I moved up here. That’s 30. I’m down from a whale-like 195 to a cow-like 165. My goal by new year’s is twenty more. It’s almost December so I don’t know if I can do that in a month. Still. THIRTY pounds. I almost look human now. (Also, soon I’m going to need new pants. My two pairs of jeans are already way too big and as I threw out all my belts I have to use a scarf to keep them from falling down.)

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  1. Andrea Harris Post author

    It’s like a weight has been lifted from me! Hahahahah! I kill myself.

    Seriously, I think that there is something in the water in Florida that adds fat to people. There are a lot of fat people in Florida. Of course, there are a lot of fat people everywhere, but moving to Virginia has given me something else to do besides eat all day, I guess. My eating habits have changed. I can’t afford to eat out, and I don’t eat the mountains of pasta and rice that I used to. Also I’m going up and down a lot of stairs. So, eating less and exercising more really does work.

    It’s still bizarre to look in the mirror and not see this strange fat old woman. (Instead I see a rather plump old woman. Well, I can’t do anything about the “old”!)

    1. Andrea Harris Post author

      I never thought I could! I think it’s the not eating so much, mostly, that does it. And I bulk my meals up with salad (with not a lot of dressing — I use that spray-on vinaigrette). And just switching to low-carb as well.

  2. Lynn

    Congratulations! Back in April I started an “exercise program” – walking to the top of the hill a half mile from our house three or four times a week – and I only managed to lose four pounds.

  3. kae

    I think you’re happier OUT of Fla.

    Congrats… one day when I can again live without empty carbs I’ll go on my diet and lose the 10kg I lost a few years ago…that’s 22lb. And I’ll stick to it and lose another 25kg…

    Pass me the chocolates.

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