Okay — new update, November 26, 2006: it looks like this blog is getting full (for some reason some of my categories are screwing up and won’t allow new posts in them to show unless I change categories, so what else do you call this but the blog “getting full”?) and I may have to bug out of here to a new blog, on a new install of Wordpress or some other blogging software, early. Well if I do there will be a last post and a link, unless things go permanently kerflooey.

Top o’ the page update, October 16, 2006: new commenters, welcome! If your first comment does not appear right away, don’t freak out and post it again and again! New commenters will have their first comment held in the moderation queue. This is how I separate the wheat from the insane. I work all day where I can’t easily monitor my personal website, so if some looney tune was able to register and then leave big stanky droppings all over the blog I’d have to spend all night cleaning up, and that wouldn’t make me happy.


Eventually I will get around to writing an “About this page” page. Right now, obviously, this is my blog for 2006. It’s still in Wordpress, because I’ve gotten used to it, their “Duke” upgrade is pretty cool, I can set up commenter registration easily, etc. etc. The comment registration is because I will not tolerate trolls. I have turned off pings; don’t need ‘em. If the rss feed doesn’t work, I don’t really care; I usually post at least once a day or every other day.

Things are unfinished here — the blogroll will be added to, I hope to gussy up the style sheet so the site isn’t so boring and characterless, and what on earth happened to comment preview? So the site is “under construction.”

Anyway, enjoy.

Update, April 16 2006: comment preview is installed now, dependent, of course, on which theme I am using.

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