A bit of autumn

Posted by andrea - November 29th, 2006

I have been having some dark thoughts, so I have decided to brighten up my day (well, it’s night, but you know what I mean) and yours with a bit of autumn color:

cypress needles
Due to the early cold snap we had in Florida over Thanksgiving, we’re getting some more colorful leaf changes than we usually get. (Most of the time the leaves of all the trees that do change just turn brown and fall off.) Bald-cypress grow all over the state, and the fronds usually just turn a sort of sad brown shade, but this year we’re getting some brighter rust and orangey shades. The maples, sweet gums, and some varieties of oaks are actually coloring earlier as well. I have some leaves pressing in a book right now.

More nature photos will be coming up, if I can ever figure out how to use the danged camera.


Posted by andrea - November 29th, 2006

Has anyone seen the internet lately? Hello?


Well, I guess I’m alone here in the control booth. Say, I wonder what this button does


Posted by andrea - November 28th, 2006

I like quotes. Here’s one:

Lady, people aren’t chocolates. But you know what they are, mostly? Bastards. Bastard-coated bastards with bastard filling.John McGinley, Scrubs

I never watch Scrubs because I don’t watch new tv shows, but that’s a saying for the ages.

Put your hand in the puppet head

Posted by andrea - November 27th, 2006

Now I think I know why giant puppets are such a popular effigy at leftwing demonstrations…

What to say about this. The Associated Press, one of the Big Two news sources for the professional media, has apparently become the mechanized mouthpiece for Islamic terrorist propagandists. Well surprise surprise surprise. Our enemies lie and our Betters In the Media find the lies more attractive than the truth, and as well they prefer the glamorous, exotic liars to their dull, stodgy, and familiar countrymen (excepting everyone in their own close circle of “ones who know“). Just read Witness and know this isn’t the first time this sort of thing has gone down.

But there is just one thing I don’t understand…

What’s the attraction this time?

I can get the attraction to Communism and its adherents — it was ostensibly all about the brotherhood of man, and raising the worker from oppression, and freedom from the shackles of conformity and poverty, and so on and so forth. In other words, it talked a great game about giving people more freedom, more progress into a better life in the here and now. Sure, it turned out to be a pack of lies, but they were such pretty lies.

But I don’t get for one minute what is the impetus behind the slavish adoration the liberal intelligentsia in the West has decided to give the Muslim terrorist groups. It is beyond me. I can just barely get the attraction to old-style desert-life Arabs, with their flowing robes and pretty writing and the vision of a long train of camels with their riders fading into the distant past… all the Lawrence of Arabia bullshit. But the crass, crude, barbaric reality of the members of these modern terrorist groups smashes those pretty and wispy dreams to pieces. We’re talking urban men, men who wouldn’t know what to do with a camel if it spit on them, men who shave their crotches before going off to fly planes into buildings, men who are so anally retentive that they freak out if their coworker has a ceramic pig figurine on her (her! the infidel whore! she should be home serving her man!) desk, men who — in a final destruction of the vision of a Saracen in his gleaming cuirass wielding a scimitar that shines like the moon and can slice a hair up the middle — murder their captives by sawing at their necks with butcher knives. These are not your glamorous, exotic Arabs of yore. These are the drooling, six-fingered, rusty-pitchfork-carrying rednecks of every progressive liberal’s nightmares, only with brown skin, dark eyes, and Middle Eastern accents.

And I say “men” advisedly. Despite the Muslim women the press has been careful to seek out and “give equal voice to” is anyone really fooled about the actual worth a woman’s word is given in current Muslim culture? This is a religion where it takes what — two women, is it, for their word to mean as much as one man’s? Yet liberal women spend most of their breath screeching about how awful the Republican rightwinger Christians are.

Speaking of religion — these people even embody every liberal progressive activist’s idea of anathema: they are religious fanatics who insist that not only is the Sky Ghost they worship real, but that everyone in the world must worship this Sky Ghost in the same exact fashion that they do, or be killed! This is a bit harsher than having to endure your Pentecostal aunt’s disapproval of your lesbian lifestyle, but again, guess what is considered much more heinous in the eyes of Western libtards: people who refuse to back gay marriage are worse than people who kill gays buy pushing stone walls on top of them. (Not even the irony of the “stone wall” being used as a method of execution for homosexuals pierces their carapace. Well over here, honey, I noticed for you.)

So I have been trying to figure out why the news media seems to have decided to back the enemy horse. Mere hatred of the current American president really doesn’t seem to completely fill the bill. Bush’s term will be up soon, and he can’t run again. They won’t have him to kick around much longer, but the Muslims have promised us that jihad is forever. Maybe that’s it — maybe the progressive, liberal, leftleaning contingent is so tired of all their flimsy ideals being shot to pieces by reality and their equally flimsy relationships with each other falling to bits that they’ve finally found something they can count on not to leave them.


Meth lab in my neighborhood

Posted by andrea - November 27th, 2006

I wondered what the hazmat crew was doing at the condo complex up the block from where I live. I was walking back from the grocery store yesterday afternoon, and I looked across the road at the condo complex (which still has some units left! get ‘em before the condo bubble bursts– oops, too late, never mind) and saw all these trucks marked “hazardous chemical removal” or something like that, and saw a some fully uniformed firemen clustered around one of the buildings. I wondered what was going on — they weren’t parked in the front of the complex, and there weren’t any signs, so it wasn’t some kind of charity drive. I didn’t see or smell any smoke, so there hadn’t been a normal fire, and what kind of fire warrants a hazmat team? I thought maybe a condo renovation had gone very wrong. In a way, I guess it did.

In other news, I had considered going to the Florida Mall yesterday, and I’m glad I decided not to chance the long bus ride: there was a gang fight and a stabbing and all sorts of fun. Then again, that mall is so huge and crowded you could stage one of the smaller Civil War battles there and no one would notice. On the other hand, I believe that jewelry store is the one I would pass all the time on my way to the Teavana store, but I could be wrong.

The upshot of it all is I may have left Miami, but it looks like Miami followed me. Alaska is looking better and better.

Hold the pickles, hold the — uh…

Posted by andrea - November 27th, 2006

Sharp knives are haram, apparently. (Read the comments. Also — I know this is in Australia, but how long before this comes to our fair shores? Orlando has a pretty large Muslim community, and I’ve seen plenty of “halal meat” signs about town. I guess that “Fast Food Nation” guy was right, though for the wrong reasons.)

Good night

Posted by andrea - November 27th, 2006

I still can’t get over the fact that I MISSED THE FUCKING SNOW.

I don’t want to go to work either. And I’d like to know what the fuck is UP with this fucking editor. Messing with my paragraph breaks and all. Gah, I’ve had it.

The intervening five seconds or so it took to type this have not allowed me to conceive of the idea of going to work after a too-short holiday as a delightful one.


Original labor pains

Posted by andrea - November 26th, 2006

The comments in this blog post about the Vatican premier of The Nativity Story movie went off into a tangent about Mary’s (in the movie) labor pains and whether it was truthful for her to be shown having them. This made me think about an idea I formed when reading various Christian-themed or -focused works (mostly by C.S. Lewis) recently. (Among them, if you want to know, PerelandraThe Screwtape Letters, and Mere Christianity.) I wonder if people misconstrue the idea that labor pains themselves were punishment for O.S., and not simply that our reaction to them was changed. This wouldn’t surprise me as we tend to misconstrue just about everything. But (I supposed I should break in here and say posit, of course, that the doctrine of Original Sin is true — if it isn’t than this whole post won’t make sense and you can ignore it) it’s possible that all the things that are said to be punishment for the Big Bad — death, sickness, pain in childbirth — are not themselves the punishment so much that we became separated from our true selves (because of the separation from God), and therefore unable to react normally to normal events — “death” became to us not a transition from a lower to a higher state, but a real ending, and annihilation of ourselves; pain became not just a response to certain stimuli but an event even worse or at least as bad as the stimuli itself. Women were, perhaps, always meant to “feel” something of a strain when passing a largish object out of their smallish spaces, but if we weren’t so addled by fear and confusion that the Christians say is caused by sin we would have understood the pain as akin to that “suffered” by an athlete undergoing strenuous exercise (a bad analogy but that’s the best I can come up with of a “good” pain that isn’t smutty).

This is just something I thought of.


Posted by andrea - November 26th, 2006

It will come as no surprise to people who have been reading my blogs that I am of the opinion that very few people deserve to have fun.

Uncomfortably numb

Posted by andrea - November 26th, 2006

Then again, maybe the internet deserved to die… (see the previous post, or postette).

I think I’ve come to the realization of just why I have been too exhausted to post. It’s because I’m exhausted. No, really — not so much from problems in my own life (these are ongoing, and minor in the great scheme of things). It’s just the sheer weight of the stupidity of it all. I just… have no more strength in me to fisk.

Case in point: I came across yet another attack on the stupid, smarmy, smug, full-of-himself Michael Moore’s “Olive Branch to the Rethuglicans” wad of snot. And I was reading it, going yeah, yeah, preach it sister! — when it occurred to me that no matter how many people hacked away at the fatty flesh of this man’s ego they were never going to be able to get to his center. It’s possible that he has no center — that he’s fat all the way down. Or maybe it’s just that he regrows his fat, with the help of all his bizarrely devoted fans. And that got me thinking:

Isn’t that what we were supposed to be fighting against, with our irony and our knowingness and our clever, arch diatribes, and our incisive wit, and our NuNewThot, and our refusal to be fooled, and our distrust of the popular, and all the other avantgarde nuwave moderndance bullshit — wasn’t it all our way of finally getting Don Quixote his by attacking these windmills of self-satisfied self-regard, these mountains of irony-free, undeserved smugness? Back then it was the members of the “right wing” that was encased in layers of rancid fat of old ideas that no longer worked if they ever did, and pre-conceived notions that were based on stale truisms, and the members of the “left wing” who would shine the bright flashlights that would dispel the shadows and wield the brooms that would sweep away the cobwebs, and we would be doing it with style! Or so we thought.

I’ve gotten kind of off the track here. That’s what these people do to me — they destroy my ability to concentrate. They do it with their piling up of the same old bricks of notions that we tear down — it’s as if every time you knocked down a wall of a derelict house someone came up behind you and started reassembling the rotten wood, the crumbling drywall, and the rusted rebar, meanwhile insisting that not only have you tried to destroy a perfectly good house, it is in its decayed, unlivable condition actually a better house than the one you were going to build with new mortar and fresh concrete — and furthermore, you never did knock down the house to begin with, there isn’t a house, you aren’t really there.

Let me illustrate further my dilemma. No, I’m not going to even touch on the press and its cute way of fighting our enemy’s propaganda war for them. That’s just amusing at this point. I’m just going to focus on one out of the many Approved Obsessions of the Day: so-called global warming. No matter how reliably someone refutes the scattered and questionable “data” that posits the internal combustion engine is going to cause the earth’s temperature to rise fifty degrees in five years (or whatever it is), no matter how many times one points out that the Kyoto Agreement nonsense will do nothing except add to the planet’s document pollution, no matter how many times one states the fact that super-polluters like China are let off the hook by this same pile of hooey, no matter how many times one recites the history of warmer times in our earth’s history and points out that far from causing widespread misery, a warmer clime seems to have been good for the human race — no matter how many times one brings reason and facts to bear, like a mutant zombie clone rising from the grave another idiot will put finger to keyboard and bleat (electronically speaking) that we should “do something!” anyway. Because.

It’s like dealing with a pack of five-year-olds who are so developmentally stunted that they will never be able to learn anything — every day it’s a repeat of the same old simple lessons: “wipe your bottom before you pull your underpants up, not after!”

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